A Handmade Tale

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It seems as though everybody is going “green” these days. The obsession is deeper than the subject of global warming and the importance of recycling. Designers, contractors, and architects are always looking for new and innovative ways to advance the world of design while following safer practices that minimize harm to our planet.  Along with the growing interest of sustainability and the ever-present interest in beautiful homes, Rizzoli has released a new book that is perfect for the eco-friendly, environmentally friendly, and yes, architecture friendly.

Handmade Houses: A Century of Earth-Friendly Home Design by Richard Olsen is the perfect gift for anyone who dreams of building their own home, or at least appreciates the art and craft that goes into building a home from the ground up. The book exposes the origins of “green” architecture from different areas around the world, including America, Italy, Spain, France and Australia. Readers can take away practical and inspirational ideas that are generated through the twenty-five homes featured within the book’s pages.

Olsen’s book also explores the idea and evolution of the “handmade house” by showcasing innovation over the past one hundred years.  Reclaimed materials such as wood have become more popular over the past few years as we try to preserve our vulnerable eco-system. The subject is as fascinating as the homes themselves. Homeowners, builders, professionals and amateurs share their stores as well.

The author Richard Olsen has spent the past ten years editing books on home design concerns and served as a senior editor at Architectural Digest.

The book is 240 pages and includes 275 colorful illustrations. You can purchase the book through Rizzoli’s website here.

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