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Article’s Fall Furniture Features Premium Mod Looks at Accessible Prices

Article furniture's "Madera" dining table surrounded by Dabo dining chairs.
Article furniture’s “Madera” dining table surrounded by Dabo dining chairs. Image used with permission by copyright holder

Wondering how to find the time to stock an empty apartment after an upcoming move? Is it time to upgrade from bachelor pad to cultured male digs?

Furniture brand Article’s fall style has got you covered. Since 2013, the modern designer’s mission is to bring together affordable, stylish interior goods that stand the test of time. While direct-from-manufacturer pieces will arrive at your door at minimal cost (and sans retail markup), Article aims for great aesthetics overlaying the high-quality materials that make up its furnishings. 

Take the cubist Kubi couch , for example. Its generous, 90-inch width and sprawling 40 inches of depth invite deep relaxation for any body type upon fat, high resiliency, dense foam cushions. There’s nothing abstract about this sofa’s utilitarian expanse (or its accompanying throw pillows). The Kubi’s Dutch white polyester fabric meshes with most any collection — an ambience that brings to mind warm comfort during any season. Supported on a kiln-dried pine wood frame, Kubi is made to last for years of heavy use. Not a bad upgrade from your grandma’s floral-patterned couch, eh?

Match or contrast the Kubi with an Entin , lumbar-curved chair. A sturdy steel frame evokes the same minimalist aesthetic while the seat’s thick, comfy cushion nestles cozily into its arms. Steel legs promise durability and a lasting look while the chair’s removable cushion cover allows owners to keep their own and their guests’ behinds clean. 

That spartan chic, however, won’t be complete without a table to bring the collection together. The 14 millimeter thick, solid white sealed marble Mara represents a heck of an option. The mid-century modern circular slab (measuring 31-and-a-half inches in diameter) sits upon three solid wood legs for a condensed punch that weaves in sync with Article’s clean lines. Perfect for bringing together various sets to provide a warm, compact atmosphere, the Mara’s classic flow mixes and matches with any style of seating. 

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Is it a kitchen nook that you’re looking to fill? The Seno table provides a compact spot for slurping on breakfast cereal in the morning, clacking away at digital work during the day and putting together intimate candlelit dinners in the evening. Also crafted with a classic mid-century modern influence in mind, the solid American oak surface sits upon four legs, tilted for firm balance and a mod mode.

To keep the farmhouse look around your Seno table, Kissa oak dining chairs , upholstered in full-aniline Italian-tanned leather offer a consistent tan color scheme. Supported by a powder-coated metal brace beneath, the sumptuous padded leather accommodations are perfect for leaning over the laptop or leaning back over cocktails. 

To add a more modern twist, Selka synthetic , natural-colored chairs (wrapped around and above black-coated steel) proffer up wicker in soft, rounded curves. The open air weave keeps bodies cool, presenting that plein-air feeling during any season, indoors or out. 

For dining rooms, dinner parties and meals featuring more of a crowd, the Madera extendable dining table is an 86- to 125-inch wide beast that can sit up to 12 comfortably. A textured oak tabletop with a brushed finish that’s split by an open center seam, the Madera gives off a craftsman air, a robust, functional piece that looks like it was both shop worked and the centerpiece of a workshop. 

Homeowners can go with eight to 12 Seno or Kissa seats around the Madera for a punchy, pragmatic look, or, for a more formal setting, the Oscuro seat flaunts a garland green velvet seat over a brushed brass base that was created to be celebrated. Sold and shipped in pairs, the Oscuro fits right in around your dining table or snug at your desk.

Article aims to make the furniture buying process fun and easy, providing everyday indulgence in a streamlined package. With staff that includes engineers, journalists, painters, bikers, chefs, and reiki masters, Article staffs its team with the people it aims to furnish. And with its factory connection, Article is able to get most in-stock orders out from warehouse to your front door in two weeks or less — arriving just in time to upgrade your quarters for the coming holidays. 

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