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Shinola and Crate and Barrel’s New Furniture Line Is a Bachelor Pad Upgrade

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On Wednesday, August 18, craft maker Shinola Detroit and home décor curator Crate & Barrel releases the stirring results of a dynamic partnership between two quintessential crafters. The Shinola for Crate & Barrel Collection entwines the modern maker spirit with classic American craft furniture and accessories to upscale any home or office.

This collaboration evokes a shared, old-world devotion to building things well or not building them at all. Whether it be a candle or a couch, the Crate & Barrel Collection reflects an inimitable eye for chic function and Detroit style for days.

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The 115-piece collection fits a relaxed, refined lifestyle. Clean lines, quality materials, and industrial edges team with utilitarian function in a line that spans furniture, lighting, the bedroom, home office, accessories, and more.

Take the Runwell sofa, a statement piece that sports good looks from every angle. The couch expresses traditional woodworking that runs through clean-lined modernism. Each solid oak Runwell frame flashes exposed joinery that supports oversized cushions for sink-in-and-stay-awhile comfort. Embroidered throw pillows add to the sofa’s ease with textured natural flax linens in simple, stylish geometric motifs that flow with pin-tucked upholstery that even Jack White would be proud of.

Next to the couch, Runwell Accent Collection’s walnut-framed end table and console table flaunt stitching highlights with rich, Cognac-colored, wrap-around aniline leather.

For furniture with a more work-ethic appeal, Utility accent tables unite solid oak with Japanese-style joinery for a simple yet solid aesthetic. In the Utility Chair, white oak is covered in a white-gray, natural flecked canvas.

On the ground or on the wall, the Crate & Barrel Collection’s rugs run in shag and in tweed. The welcoming pieces work to fire a home’s welcoming warmth. To light this scene, lamps rise from sculptural bases to woven-leather shades, doubling as a moment of functional art designed by watch designers sparing no detail.

In a Detroit ode, the Hotel collection is inspired by signature pieces from the downtown Shinola Hotel, bringing built-in luxe hotel vibes to the home bedroom. A nightstand attaches to a plush, upholstered headboard, complete with dimmer switches and integrated power outlets built into oak sconces.

In the brave new work-from-home world, Runwell Office offers airy organization across media storage, desk space, and shelving to create the perfect personal office setup. To animate blank walls, Crate & Barrel has two Detroit art legends — urban photographer Steve Shaw and “Color Moves” artist David Rubello — available in large-scale, gallery-quality prints.

The entire curated collaboration ranges from $24 to $4,299 and will be available online at Crate & Barrell and at select stores across the U.S. after Aug. 18.

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