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Bearaby Introduces Autumn Colors For Weight-Blanketed Warmth During Fall

A couple snuggles under Bearaby's weighted, fall-colored blanket
A couple snuggles under Bearaby’s weighted, fall-colored blanket

Looking to capture that cozy feeling of waking up under a heavy comforter on a winter’s day? Why not hop on the weighted blanket train with colder times ahead?

Bearaby, the sustainably sourced blanket company launched in Dec. 2018, has earned a cult following with celebrity fans and waitlists that have reached over 80,000 people. Now, as the leaves change, Bearaby has got you covered with all-new, nature-inspired colors for its just-released Tree Napper fall collection. 

Scientific theory posits that applying pressure with weighted blankets during sleep stimulates neurotransmitters like serotonin and melatonin that calm your brain in a principle called ‘deep pressure.’ Ask any weighted blanket convert and they’re bound to talk for hours about the sleep and anxiety-soothing benefits these heavy covers offer. Picking the right weighted blanket can take time and careful consideration, but Bearaby has got you attired with one of the best blankets around. Featuring a cozy knit texture that evenly distributes weight, Bearaby’s weave also eliminates the cumbersome filler common to weighted blankets.

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True to Bearaby’s nature-first philosophy, the fall Tree Napper collection is crafted from Tencel Lyocell cellulose fiber, so you can enjoy restorative rest without worrying about polluting the planet with plastic beads. The cool-to-the-touch material allows users to get warm underneath while the fabric and knit helps the skin not to suffocate beneath heavy cloth. 

Everyone needs and deserves a good sleep, the simplest form of self-care. Bearaby believes if enough people get quality rest with ecologically considerate materials, we can sow the seeds of a healthier planet containing a happier population that’s one step closer to a calmer and more collected world.

Bearaby’s latest Tree Napper collection — offered in 15-, 20- and 25-pound weights — takes inspiration from the season’s woody, warm palette in five new colors: Maple, mahogany, cocoa, driftwood and ironbark. Blankets starts at $269 and are available for immediate purchase at  . (As of now, the ironbark colorway, though, is only available for pre-order.) We can’t wait to grab one ourselves. 

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