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The Matrix 4 Trailer Is Unveiled During Warner Bros’ CinemaCon Reel

Get your dark shades and leather trench coat ready for action. Over 20 years since it became a cultural touchstone, The Matrix is now back with an official title — The Matrix: Resurrections — and an exclusive trailer.

Though the hype is real, there’s been very little revealed about the film, leaving fans to argue for their particular narrative theory about The Matrix Revolutions for 18 years. Most of the cast and director Lana Wachowski to star Keanu Reeves is returning for the sequel. 

Keanu Reeves as Neo in a trailer screenshot.

Resurrections’ recent trailer during the Warner Bros. presentation at CinemaCon in the Colosseum at Caesar’s Palace has not yet been released to the public, but conversations about the screener give fans a hint at what to expect from the anticipated fourth film in the franchise. 

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Keanu Reeves as Neo and Carrie-Anne Moss as Trinity are returning, along with a few new additions, but what the movie is called or what it looks like have remained a total mystery with just under four months left until release. Until now.

Io9 describes that the trailer begins in a true-to-form glossy city. A psychiatrist (Neil Patrick Harris) sits with a patient named Thomas (Reeves), who is having a problem with dreams that aren’t quite dreams. Walking down the street with the green Matrix code, Neo asks, “Am I crazy?” 

“We don’t say that,” Harris replies. 

‘Thomas’ then walks into a coffee shop and coincidentally bumps into Trinity, who died at the end of the third Matrix. 

“Have we met?” she asks as they exchange a passing handshake.

Thomas is taking blue pills at home. He looks into the sky, watches birds flying, and tries to analyze it. The series’ enigmatic anthem, “White Rabbit,” begins playing in the next scene, an elevator where Thomas stares at a reflection of people glued to their cell phone screens. 

The action begins after a serene dojo lake scene with Abdul-Mateen’s character stating, “The only thing that matters to you is still here. You’ll never give up.” 

Cut to bullets and helicopter fights and people plugged and unplugged from the matrix.

In the last clip, Thomas is in an office with a man in a business suit (Jonathan Groff). “You’re going back to where it all started,” he says. “Back to the matrix.” 

Though its characters are fated to relive similar stories, the movie sounds like it will fulfill our dramatic and action-packed expectations once again.

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