Get Under the Covers with the Warmest Throw Blankets for Winter

Winter is the season of the couch nap. If you need us to explain the difference between this and an afternoon sleep taken in your bedroom, then you’re not napping enough. Take it from a veteran: couch naps are the best way to spend an afternoon when the elements conspire to keep you indoors. The snow, sleet, and raw winds that make you grumble to and from the office become friendly purveyors of white noise as you sink blissfully into a warm, cozy reverie. With the help of your favorite warm beverage, a scented candle or two, and a soothing playlist, the couch nap becomes an occasion when time stands still for a moment, and your reality becomes such stuff as dreams are made of.

For a good couch nap, you need a good throw blanket. Your Mexican falsa blanket is great for taking to the park in summer, but in these harsh winter months, the right blanket is as important to your well-being as a sun-lamp and a pack of Ricola lozenges. Trust us when we say that a good couch nap spent in the embrace of a high-quality blanket is as effective a seasonal tonic as any echinacea, elderberry or Vitamin C supplement, and with no bitter aftertaste.

These premium throw blankets will make all the difference between grimacing your way through winter, and fully embracing it.


Yeti Lowlands Waterproof Blanket – $200

If you want just one blanket that does it all, look no further than the Yeti Lowlands blanket. Whether you haul it along on a winter hike or bring it to the beach for a bonfire, this waterproofed, padded, and double-insulated blanket is built to withstand the toughest use while still keeping you warm and cozy. (It even repels dirt, burrs, and pet hair!) Unlike other synthetic blankets, the Lowlands blanket is machine washable and dryable, getting softer with every load. Like you, this blanket thrives on travel—take it from the campsite to the stadium to the couch, and you’re practically guaranteed to find someone who wants to share it with you.

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Pendleton Yakima Camp Throw – $100

You know that one shirt that you spend most of the winter in? The beat-up heavyweight plaid that, like a fine wine, only gets better with age? If you’ve ever wished you could have a whole blanket made from that shirt, you’re in luck. The Pendleton Yakima Camp Throw brings all the same vibes to your midday slumbers. That soft, nappy texture; those bright, warm colors; the cozy yet breathable weight like a full-body-hug; even the faintly beardy smell…it’s all in this blanket. Woven in Pendleton’s iconic American mill out of virgin wool and cotton, this blanket is built for a lifetime of warmth.

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Klippan Fjallnas ECO Lambs Wool Blanket – $168

True, there are a lot of wool blanket options out there, but we’re inclined to trust the hardy Scandinavians to bring us the best quality wool throw blanket around. Woven by a textile mill that’s been doing its thing since the 1800s, this 100 percent wool blanket offers supreme warmth, bright color, a traditional but sophisticated pattern, and even ease of maintenance. (Did you know that wool is self-cleaning? Neither did we.) Sourced from organic farms in New Zealand, the fibers in this wool blanket come from sheep fed on pesticide-free diets, are specially washed and laboratory-tested to ensure no chemical residue, and treated with dyes that contain no bleach, chlorine or heavy metals. In other words, you can rest easy — this blanket keeps you both warm and safe.

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YnM Weighted Blanket – $86

For those who suffer from SAD, turn away from the winter blues with this weighted blanket. Known for their ability to quiet intrusive thoughts, calm anxious nerves, and promote deep, restful sleep, weighted blankets are hitting the consumer market and are being snapped up by athletes, artists, and everyday Joes like you. This 15-pound version is made up of seven layers of fabric featuring a variety of thicknesses and weft, with the weight coming from glass beads sewn into individual pockets. Reviews for these weighted wonders are out of the world, with five-stars out of nearly 2,000 reviews on Amazon.

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Rumpl Puffy Down Blanket – $159

Down doesn’t just belong to comforters and coats – it works just as well in a throw blanket. Rumpl’s Puffy Down Blanket takes its 600-fill goose-down self and wraps you up in cloud-like comfort to the point where you might never want to move again. What’s better, if you happen to be caught nearly comatose in the blanket during a snooze outside, feel free to disregard a light sprinkle. The durable nylon fabric exterior repels water, stains, dirt, and odor, and allows this blanket to stay dry, all while maintaining its super lightweight.

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Restoration Hardware 555-Gram Cashmere Throw – $249

So you’re looking for something a little more deluxe. We present for your consideration the 555-gram Mongolian cashmere throw from Restoration Hardware. What makes it so soft, you ask? Being sourced exclusively from the undercoat of specially bred goats. (It’s basically the pork belly of blanket fibers.) But don’t let its delicate texture and silky softness fool you — cashmere is eight times warmer than sheep’s wool, making for a blanket that is light, but certainly no lightweight. Available in a wide range of jewel-rich tones and tailored with a sumptuous four-inch fringe, this is a blanket fit for a king.

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Overland Nordic Palace Premium Australian Sheepskin Throw – $995

When it comes to shearling, we’d go full George Costanza. That is to say, we’d drape ourselves in the stuff if it were socially acceptable. But since it’s not, wrapping yourself in a luxurious shearling throw is definitely the next best thing. This sheepskin throw blanket from Overland is the last word in cozy indulgence. Verging on nine pounds of premium-grade, genuine Australian sheepskin, eco-tanned to a tawny finish, this blanket features a pile so high you could get lost in it. Its wide, extra-fluffy border, tipped in dark gold, makes it look that much more like a noble pet from a Nordic fantasy novel, waiting to wrap you in a welcoming hug. Yes, this blanket is extra. But sometimes extra is, to quote Goldilocks, just right.

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Not happy with our wool option? Take a look at the Snow Peak Pendleton Wool Blanket if you want something a little more “camp comfort.”

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