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By now, you should all know we have a healthy and responsible obsession with whiskey. And it seems we’re not the only one. Michael R. Veach, the only professional bourbon historian in the country has released Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey: An American Heritage, a book that chronicles the history of the spirit.

The book starts off with the Whiskey Rebellion of the 1790s, where Veach traces the history of bourbon, bringing the reader through major historical events including the Industrial Revolution, the Civil War, Prohibition, and the Great Depression.

The technology behind the making of bourbon is also explored as well as the effects of the Pure Food and Drug Act, an act that enforced the labeling of drugs, including alcohol. The act was signed by President Roosevelt in 1906 and eventually led to the creation of the Food and Drug Administration.

Veach has been a staff member at the Filson Historical Society for 16 years and has spent years studying the distilling industry, bourbon’s royal families, and the culture behind the spirit to debunk the untrue facts out there about whiskey. The book separates fact from fiction and answers the hows and whys.

Veach was inducted into the Kentucky Bourbon Hall of Fame in 2006 and has taught history and tasting lessons. That is one history class we never would have cut.

If you’re a history fanatic, or just love getting plain ol’ drunk, this might be the best nightcap you’ve ever had.

Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey: An American Heritage can be found at Louisville area Barnes and Noble and Carmichael’s bookstores as well as The Filson Historical Society. To purchase the book online you can click here.

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