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Kris Wouk

Kris Wouk

Kris Wouk is a tech writer, gadget reviewer, blogger, and whatever it's called when someone makes videos for the web. In his free time he likes to make music, read, and write short fiction.

forza metallo

V-Moda’s Forza Metallo Neckband Headphones Combine Ergonomics & Style

Last week, V-Moda unveiled its Forza Metallo wireless headphones, which the company calls the world’s first ergonomic neckband headphones.
Master & Dynamic MA770

Master & Dynamic Creates ‘New Geometry of Sound’ with the MA770 Wireless Speaker

Master & Dynamic has introduced its latest wireless speaker, the MA770, which marries bold design with a loving attention to detail.
soundlink revolve

Bose Boasts Its 360-degree Revolve and Revolve+ Are Its Best Bluetooth Speakers Yet

On Thursday, Bose announced its new SoundLink Revolve and SoundLink Revolve+ Bluetooth speakers, both of which offer 360-degree audio.
onkyo tx 8270 network stereo receiver 4k tx8270

Onkyo’s Latest Stereo Receiver Promises Hi-Res Audio and Wireless Multiroom Support

Onkyo has announced its latest stereo network receiver, the TX-8270, which features support for high-resolution audio and more.
monitor bluetooth

Marshall’s Latest Headphones Snip the Wires from Top of the Line Model

Marshall has announced its new Monitor Bluetooth headphones, the company's first wireless over-ear headphone design, based on its Monitor wired headphones.
Model One Digital

Tivoli’s Model One is a stylish modern twist on the classic tabletop radio

This month, Tivoli Audio unveiled the Model One Digital, which adopts the aesthetic of a classic tabletop radio but packs in modern features.
Oneclassic Wireless Hi-Fi Speakers

Transparent Oneclassic Wireless Hi-Fi Speakers Offer More than Meets the Eye

The Oneclassic Wireless Hi-Fi speakers aren't just completely see-through, but also claim to offer sound quality rivaling $200,000 systems for $2,000.

Wrensilva’s Loft is a Retro-Style Record Console with a Ton of Modern Features

Wrensilva has announced its latest classic-style record console, the Loft, featuring Wi-Fi connectivity and Sonos compatibility.

Think Turntables Have Gotten Boring? This One Will Change Your Mind

Using a cleverly hidden tonearm, Miniot's Wheel is a turntable that doesn't look like any turntable you've ever seen before.

Denon’s Latest Sport In-Ears Aim to Help you Keep your New Year’s Resolutions

Denon's new AH-C160W sport in-ears promise strong Bluetooth signal and a tough build alongside the audio quality the company is known for.
Fluance AB40 Soundbase

Fluance’s sleek and slim AB40 Soundbase packs a home theater system into a single box

The new AB40 High-Performance Soundbase by Fluance aims to provide cinema-quality sound in your living room, all from a single unit.
Oppo Sonica DAC

Oppo’s new Sonica DAC provides audiophile-quality sound for the connected home

The Oppo Sonica DAC combines a high quality digital-to-analog converter with a vast array of both wired and wireless connectivity options.
vifa oslo luxury bluetooth speaker pebble grey

The Vifa Oslo Portable Speaker Packs High-End Audio into a Minimalist Design

Vifa's drivers have been found inside high-end audio gear for some time now, but the company has finally put them into a product of its own.

Yamaha Claims its Latest Audiophile Headphones are its Most Accurate Ever

Yamaha has announced two new studio monitor headphones in the HPH-MT5 and the HPH-MT8, which it says are its most accurate to date.

Pioneer’s Elite FS-EB70 Atmos Soundbar will Shower You in Sound

Dolby Atmos soundbars add a new level of immersion to your home theater, and now Pioneer is offering one of its own, the new Elite FS-EB70.
soundcast vg7 omnidirectional bluetooth speaker top down angle 2

SoundCast’s VG7 omnidirectional speaker is designed to sound as good outdoors as it does indoors

After unveiling its $150 waterproof VG1 Bluetooth speaker late last year, SoundCast is again expanding its VGX line with the omnidirectional VG7.

Play and Preserve Your Vinyl with Audio-Technica’s AT-LP5 Turntable

While other companies might at least wait until we're a few days into 2017, Audio-Technica couldn't wait to unveil its new AP-LP5 turntable.
oppo UDP-203

Oppo UDP-203 is an Ultra HD Blu-ray Player Tailored for Audiophiles

After showing it off for the first time earlier this year, Oppo announced today that the Oppo UDP-203 Ultra HD Blu-ray player is ready for release.

Denon’s Woody New Reference Headphones Aim for Brilliant Sound — and Dashing Design

While much of the company's focus has recently been on its HEOS wireless multiroom products, Denon just unveiled the new AH-D7200 reference headphones.
emotiva launches basx mc 700 surround sound processor 1

Bring your home theater up to speed with Emotiva’s BasX MC-700 processor

Emotiva Audio Corporation wants to prove that high-end audio doesn't mean absurdly high prices with its BasX MC-700 surround sound processor.
shinola runwell turntable debut 01

The Shinola Runwell is a turntable designed by a watch company, and it looks awesome

A company that launched making watches wouldn't be your first guess to manufacture a turntable, but that's exactly what Shinola has done.

Elac’s New Element Amplifier Crosses lines to Create a Class of its Own

Elac says its new EA101EQ-G integrated amplifier combines the best of class D and class AB amplification to create a new class all of its own.
noble audio

Noble Audio Heaps on the Luxury with Two New Pairs of In-Ear Headphones

Noble Audio has announced the launch of two new models in its line of high-end in-ear headphones: the Kaiser Encore, and the more affordable Sage.
master & dynamic

Style and Luxury Simmer in Master & Dynamic’s New MW50 Wireless Headphones

Master & Dynamic’s second pair of wireless headphones, the new MW50 on-ears, combine a gorgeous look, premium materials with USB-C and detailed sound.
wrensilva standard one

Wrensilva Standard One Matches Modern Tech with a Classic Look

Just because technology moves forward, it doesn’t make the past obsolete. A case in point is the Wrensilva Standard One -- a sleek, console record player.
detroit audio lab

Detroit Audio Lab’s Speakers Offer an Audible Piece of the City Itself

With its Made From Detroit line of speakers, Detroit Audio Lab is looking to give back to its home city while offering buyers a piece of its history.
mag-lev audio

Spin your wax on a cushion of air with this levitating turntable

If you love vinyl but you want a more futuristic look, the gravity-defying, fricition-free Mag-Lev Audio turntable might be right up your alley.
ultra subwoofer

SVS’ new 16- Ultra subwoofer will Force your Foundation to Flex

SVS has long made some of the finest subwoofers available. Now, its already outstanding Ultra subwoofer series get two new member, sure to rock your house.
spiral groove revolution turntable

Spiral Groove’s Revolution Turntable Turns Heads

Spiral Groove's Revolution turntable's retro sci-fi looks will turn heads, but it's the price that will really make your head spin.

Got $20K to Blow? Then LG has the OLED TV You’ve been Dreaming of

We've already seen a number of fairly large LG OLED TV's, but the company has outdone itself with its latest 77-inch Signature Series model.
Astell & kerns

Astell & Kern’s posh XB10 makes your wired cans wireless

Astell & Kern's new XB10 headphone amp lets you use your wired headphones over Bluetooth in high quality, thanks to the aptX HD connection.
911 soundbar, porsche soundbar, porsche muffler, 911 muffler soundbar

Vroom! Porsche creates a crazy sound bar from a 911 muffler

The 911 Soundbar from Porsche Design is exactly what it sounds like: a sound bar built from the muffler and silencer from a Porsche 911 GT3.
sonic blocks

Build your own modular speaker system with Sonic Blocks

The Sonic Blocks system, now live on Indiegogo, aims to let users customize every aspect of a speaker until it suits them perfectly.
Beyerdynamic, dt 1990 pro headphones, headphones

Find your happy place in these gorgeous cans from Beyerdynamic

Pros and audiophiles alike are in for a treat this week with the unveiling of Beyerdynamic's new DT 1990 Pro open-back headphones.
billie amplifier, heaven 11, amplifier, analog sound, audio

The gorgeous Billie amplifier packs a wallop for your eyes and ears

Like the convenience of digital sound but miss the warm sound analog provides? The makers of the Billie amplifier want to give you the best of both worlds.

Dig the Stones? Then you’ll want to get in on these exclusive Stones ‘phones

The Rolling Stones headphones made by Master and Dynamic are only available to hardcore Stones fans with Spotify Premium accounts & a history of listening.
devialet phantom wireless speaker gold 1 970x647 c manual

How do you make a $2K Devialet, 4500-watt wireless speaker fancier? Slap some gold on it

French audio outfit, Devialet, has gussied up its Phantom speaker with some gorgeous gold accents, but that's not where all of its lofty price comes from.
Astell & Kern, AK70, hi-res, portable audio, AK T8iE

Astell & Kern unveils gorgeous hi-res player for the cheap(er) seats

Astell & Kern debuted two new products at CE Week: its new entry-level AK70 high-resolution audio player, and its updated AK T8iE in-ear monitors.
libratone one click too bluetooth 360 speakers oneclick 04 gal the manual

Click and go: Libratone’s new Bluetooth speakers put portable first

Just in time for summer, Libratone has introduced two new portable Bluetooth speakers that keep the company's trademark style intact.
bowers wilkins burberry t7 luxury bluetooth speaker  and gold the manual

Bowers & Wilkins puts a golden touch on the brilliant T7 bluetooth speaker

The Bowers & Wilkins T7 Bluetooth speaker was already impressive, but now the company has teamed up with Burberry to give the speaker a luxury makeover.
integra unveils new drx av receivers mqa dolby atmos dtsx 5 featured manual

With Intregra’s latest A/V receivers, even the low-end models are high end

Integra has announced its new 7.2-channel DRX series A/V receivers, which will feature support for high-resolution audio Google Cast, and more.
fender earphones 100 available fxa7

Fender’s new pro earphones are affordable enough for amateurs

The first entries in the new line of in-ear monitors Fender announced in January are now on sale, with prices ranging from $100 to $500.

Sony’s slew of sweet new high-res audio gear takes aim at the practical enthusiast

The new line-up includes A/V receivers, media players, wireless speakers, and a killer turntable.
yamaha r s202 updates receiver bluetooth manual

Yamaha spices up its uber-affordable receiver with Bluetooth

With the new R-S202, Yamaha has updated its popular entry-level receiver with one key feature missing from the original: Bluetooth connectivity.
marantz slim feature packed nr1607 receiver featured the manual

Marantz’s NR1607 receiver packs big features in a small package

Marantz’s slim new NR1607 A/V receiver packs in all the features you need, including 4K resolution and HDR compatibility as well as Dolby Atmos and DTS:X.
denon unveils affordable receivers with 4k support dolby atmos chops avr s920w featured manual

Denon unveils affordable receivers with 4K support, Dolby Atmos chops

Denon has announced two new models in its S-Series line of network A/V receivers, the AVR-S920W and AVR-S720W.
hi fi corner fluance turntables kickstarter rt81 2

Fluance turns to Kickstarter to launch two gorgeous turntables

Fluance ventures outside of its high-value speaker paradigm, applying the same design principles to turntables which just launched on Kickstarter.
bose soundlink mini ii gets all the right improvments speaker manual

Bose nails all the right improvements to make the Soundlink Mini II even better than before

A longer-lasting battery and the addition of a speakerphone make Bose's already excellent Bluetooth speaker even better.