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the worst band names of all time limp bizkit

The Worst Band Names of All Time

There are plenty of terrible band names but the worst of the lot are so bad they are practically legendary.
Super Mario Brothers

Dudda Dudda Dud-Duh: These Are the Best Video Game Music Soundtracks

The gaming world has always paid special attention to music and these outstanding scores best demonstrate that.
music venue covid

How Music Venues Have Been Affected By the Pandemic

Music venues are suffering a particularly bad case of the pandemic blues as COVID-19 continues to halt live shows.
Queens of the Stone Age

The Best Band Names of All Time

The music world is full of great band names but only a select few are worthy of being called the very best.
listening music isolation headphones

Everything You Need to Know About High-Resolution Music

High-res music is the audio equivalent of high definition, adding depth, premium audio engineering, and richness to your favorite tracks.
music for the dog days of summer guava island

Music for the Dog Days of Summer

As the days shorten and back to school ads start popping up, you need music that tells you that it’s still very much summer and everything is going to be okay.

Arashi is the Most Popular Band You’ve (Probably) Never Heard Of

Arashi is an extremely powerful force in the realm of international pop music, despite having no major presence in American music.
Man listening to music while working out.

Our 7 Nominees for Album of the Summer

And so begins the great debate: What is the absolute best album of summer 2020?
International Book Shelves

Travel at Home With the Best Books From Around the World

Make staycations more interesting with family and books about a vacation destination. Expert advice comes from Lynn Lobash, of the New York Public Library.
best voices in music rihanna singing

12 of the Best Voices Across All Music Genres

There are plenty of good singers, but those with golden vocal cords stop listeners in their tracks. Queue the goosebumps: These 12 voices are sonically sublime.
man reading book

10 Great Books You Can Read in One Sitting

These brief but masterful novels are worth reading all the way through in one sitting.
dance music genres

Understanding Club Music: 5 Sub-Genres You Need To Know

In celebration of the indefatigable spirit of club-goers around the world, we’re going through five sub-genres of club music that you absolutely need to know.
The Best Quarantine Musical Performances

The Best Quarantine Musical Performances

The quarantine can keep us at home but it can't stop the music, whether it's an emotional new track or dance party mixtape.
books that were better than the movies lord of rings

5 Book Series That Were Better Than Their Movies

These 5 amazing book series made for great movies too, but the books offered something the films could not.
Friends relaxing outside mini van at beach

Catch Some (Sound) Waves With An Intro to Surf Rock

Surf Rock is a sub-genre very much as advertised, created in the early 1960s as a fusion of rock 'n' roll and surf culture.
Little Richard

The Most Stylish Male Musicians of the Modern Era

Musicians tend to be fashionable but these ten lead the way when it comes to style and clothing knowhow, from Kanye West to Elvis Presley.
indie music album record vinyl

The Best Indie Albums of All Time

The indie music genre is a crowded one but these 15 records top the heap.
whitney houston 2009

The Best Cover Songs That Are Just as Good as the Original

The best cover songs are examples of good tracks turned immortal through a new direction, mood, or voice.
best cookbooks about meat feat

5 Best Cookbooks About Meat That Every Carnivore Should Read

If you're looking to become a meat expert in your own kitchen, these are the five best meat cookbooks that every home cook should buy.
history of moog synthesizer music dfam synth getty images 1129881051

The Legend of the Moog, the Synth That Changed Music

In 1964, Robert Moog created a new version of the electric piano called a synthesizer, forever changing music.
reading book bed

The Best Non-Fiction Books About Pandemics, Diseases, and Outbreaks of the Past

A nonfiction book can help you gain a better understanding of how pandemics start, spread, and end, offering comfort in these uncertain times.
Man reading a book and drinking coffee

The Best Fiction Books About Pandemics

If misery loves company, those of us stuck at home during the COVID-19 lockdown will love these compelling works of fiction about pandemics.
future of the music festival crowd confetti getty

The Future of the Music Festival Post-Pandemic

The pandemic has shut down music festivals left and right, begging the question: What will things look like in the future?
guitar neck practice learn

10 Easy Guitar Songs You Can Play to Brush Up on Your Skills

Here are our 10 easy guitar songs that are also classics tunes.
books stack

14 Books We Give You Permission Not to Read

There are nearly 130 million books in existence. You can avoid these. Some are considered classics, others are fantasy staples or have celebrity authors.
listening music isolation headphones

The Best Artists for Listening to Music in Isolation

Music is one of the best forms of medicine on the planet so try out some of these artists as we trudge through the quarantine and the effects of isolation.
john prine

7 Songs by the Late, Great John Prine You Should Know

The music world lost one of its best in country-folk legend John Prine. His list of hits is a mile long, if not longer.
best workout songs according to science man prepping for listening music in the gym unsplash

The Best Workout Songs, According to Science

Lauren Pufpaf, co-founder of, shares the best tunes for runners, lifters, cyclists, boxers, and rowers. Step into our beat laboratory.
best baby books 7 every new parent should own

7 Best Baby Books Every New Parent Should Own

“There’s no manual for raising a child.” If you’re expecting to become a parent, prepare to hear those words over and over.
The Best Long Books for a Good Read

The Best Long Books for a Good Read

We’ve compiled the best long books, historic as well as contemporary, into a literary tasting menu. We’re talking really long — upwards of 500 pages.
brighteyes band picture

What Are Musicians Up to Right Now?

Most musicians are struggling as the world reacts to the health crisis, but that doesn't mean the music has stopped.
winter reading list

Who Needs Hobbits? Journey Through 6 Real-Life Adventures Books

The books on our list of great nonfiction adventure books differ in topic and time period and are written in a range of different styles. The common thread is a compelling narrative detailing real events that just might inspire you to get out there and experience similar adventures for yourself.
miles davis playing music

How to Appreciate Jazz: A Beginner’s Guide

Jazz can be intimidating but the genre is a true American art form and something every listener can enjoy exploring.
best adventure books wildbook

The Best Adventure and Outdoor Books for Thrill Seekers, Survivalists, and More

Adventure is and should always be calling and if you can't escape the routine of daily life to get void blood pumping, these tales of adventure and survival will fill the void.
man reading book

10 Best True Crime Books to Quietly Obsess Over

Countless books detailing major misdeed have been written over the centuries, but these are the best true crime books -- they're absolutely killer. From serial murderers to cults to memoirs from those that worked the crimes, there’s a little bit of something for everyone.
Man reading a book and drinking coffee

7 Summery Books to Help You Shake the Winter Blues

Whether set in a tropical location or evoking a sunny day, these novels will ease you out of your winter funk. 
The Best Box Sets for the Aspiring Music Collector

The Best Box Sets for the Aspiring Music Collector

Bulk deals extend into the music realm, as these fantastic box sets indicate, from fiery rock 'n' roll of Monterrey Pop to some overlooked jazz.
reading mystery book woman

The Best Classic Mystery Books Always Worth the Read

If you love a great mystery, then these classics need to be in your queue, if not already on your nightstand.
kanye west performing at the BET awards

10 Albums from the 2000s That Need a Relisten

Rock, hip-Hop, and electronica lead the way for some of the best albums from the 2000s.
Guns N’ Roses x Off White

Our Favorite Music and Apparel Collaborations

Rep you favorite punks, metalheads and folk rockers in style with these menswear staples designed by rock 'n' roll legends Metallica, Ramones and Nirvana
nirvana bleach sub pop record vinyl

The 7 Most Influential Record Labels of All Time

From Blue Note to Sub Pop, the most influential record labels of all time helped create and recreate what we call music.
man listening to music headphones

The Best Songs About Being a Man

As men, we think it’s important to hear from others — whether it be thematically happy or sad — who have gone through similar experiences.
books every man should read

20 Books By Female Authors Every Man Should Read (or Re-Read) in 2022

From the harrowing dystopian world of Margaret Atwood to Japanese noir, these are the best books by female authors that all men should read at least once.
The 7 Best Books to Inspire and Prep for an Antarctic Adventure

7 Books to Inspire and Prep an Antarctica Adventure

Traveling to Antarctica? These tales of adventure, discovery, tragedy, science, and passion from the bottom of the world are sure to inspire and educate!
princess prince cover band maya rudolph

The Greatest Cover Bands That Are Almost as Good as the Original

Cover bands are far more than one-off groups destined for the wedding circuit, as these talented tribute bands demostrate.
Mars Volta performing

What Exactly Is Prog-Rock? We Break Down the Music Genre

Part rock 'n' roll, part anti-pop progressive mindset, Prog-Rock is the music genre you never knew you needed to expand your horizons.
how to discover new music person streaming on phone

How to Discover New Music in the Digital Age

Roughly 24,000 songs are uploaded to streaming services every day. How do you navigate a wasteland of audio? We've shared the most accessible ways of finding new music.
Best philosophy books

10 Best Western Philosophy Books for Essential Reading

We might not all have the time or resources to delve into a 9-plus-year Ph.D. program, but you don’t have to go broke to understand the basics of Western thought.
best album covers recordstack

10 Best Album Covers to Gawk at for Hours

An album cover can be as iconic as the music inside the sleeve, as these artistic LPs suggest, from classic Beatles recordings to state-themed folk rock.
Minneapolis, Minnesota

9 Coolest Concert Venues in the United States

From downtown Seattle to the Manhattan borough of New York, these are the coolest venues in America to catch a live show for the ages.