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Lee Heidel

Lee Heidel is the managing editor of Brew/Drink/Run, a website and podcast that promotes brewing your own beer, consuming the best craft beer in the world, and then running off the calories. Based in beautiful Savannah, Georgia, Lee is a two-time honoree as one of Southern Living Magazine's Bloggers to Watch. Follow him on Instagram and Twitter: @brewdrinkrun

Woman excited to hold beers.

11 Best Oktoberfest Beers From Märzen to Festbier

It's finally Oktoberfest beer season! Check out our picks for the best Oktoberfest beers to try.
Two Tides beer glass

Your Guide to the Best Breweries in Savannah, Georgia

From artsy scenes to military operations, Savannah, Georgia's brewery landscape has evolved to include something for everyone these days.
halloween beer

The 3 Best Scary Beers To Drink on Halloween

Looking for a special Halloween beer? These are our top three picks for spooky, seasonal craft brews, including Hopped in Half and Ghost Face Killa.
picobrew zymatic

These Homebrewing Appliances And Kits Are the Easiest Way to Make Your Own Beer

Meet your toaster’s new neighbor: A box or bottle that makes beer. These appliances and kits are the easiest way to pump out small batches of delicious homebrew.
bottles of mead

How to Make Your Own Short Mead

Short meads, aka low-alcohol honey wine, require less time to ferment and can be enjoyed in larger quantities without worry imminent intoxication.
jagermeister arrogant bastard ale j

Jägermeister Crashes Into the Beer World with Arrogant Consortia Team-Up

Stalwart spirits brand Jägermeister has team up with Arrogant Consortia, a spin-off of Stone Brewing, to create Jägermeister Arrogant Bastard Ale, which brings together the best of both brands in one flavor-packed beer.
stella artois midnight lager

Stella Artois Brings Midnight Lager to the Masses

Even the most popular beer brands need to try something new occasionally. It's now Stella Artois' turn with the release of Midnight Lager, which will be available starting on Halloween.
dogfish head 120 minute ipa

The Highest ABV Beers Brewed in the U.S. and Where to Get Them

Here are three breweries with easy-to-find, high-ABV beers currently in production: The Bruery, Dogfish Head, and Samuel Adams.
Gate City Brewery's Citras Maximus

Crack a Cold One and Get Used to It, Because the IPL is Your New Favorite Beer Style

What happens when you blend the big hops of the IPA style with lager yeast and brewing methods? Beautiful, beautiful things. Meet the India Pale Lager.
beer pilsner cheers glass

Disney World Drinking: Where to Find Alcohol in the Magic Kingdom

“The Happiest Place on Earth" is a little happier with a cold beer. Find out where to grab an ale at the Magic Kingdom.
Beer flight tasting types

How to Host a Bottle Share: 5 Tips for Planning Your First Beer Tasting

Calling up a few like-minded friends to engage in a beer tasting is a perfect excuse to hang out and tick a few new beers off your own must-try list. If you’re interested in organizing your own bottle share, here are five tips for planning your first event.
boochcraft alcoholic high abv kombucha feat

Boochcraft’s High-ABV Kombuchas are Here (and Delicious)

Boochcraft makes “hard” kombucha at the 7% alcohol by volume mark but on the mild end of the kombucha spectrum. The smart flavor combinations create refreshing, bright drinks that are approachable and enjoyable.
southern tier ipa low calorie new craft beers nu juice box

Southern Tier Adds New IPAs and Low-Calorie Brew to Lineup

Southern Tier recently added three new year-round beers to its lineup, and all three touch on current trends in the world of craft beer. Nu Juice IPA and Lake Shore Fog join the fray of sweet, juicy IPAs on store shelves, while Swipe Light is part of a new wave of low-calorie craft brews.
Beer on a wooden barrel

Celebrate Spring with these 5 Delicious Saison Beers

Want a little zip on your palate? Here are five must-try saisons for spring 2019 from Brasserie Dupont, Orpheus, Allagash, Funkwerks, and Hill Farmstead.
best music band collaboration craft beers dogfish brewing dragons packaging 1

5 of the Craziest Collaboration Beers with Bands

A band's reputation for partying becomes s vital part of its mythos. And, if you're really good at partying, apparently you can have your own brand of beer.
brewing malts malted barley

A Brief Introduction to Brewing Malts, the Backbone of Beer

Malts provide the backbone of a beer. These grains are like unsung heroes, creating a platform for the hops, yeast, and additives to interact.
craft brew races finish

On Your Mark: Craft Brew Races Are Back for 2019

Beer and running are such a popular pair, it’s common now to cross a finish line and be handed your medal, a banana, and a beer. But too often, that free post-run beer is a watered down, unexciting macro brand. After all that hard work, who wants a sub-par brew?
Allagash Brewing Company Brett IPA

An Introduction to the Brett IPA and 3 Beers to Try Right Now

Adding Brett to an IPA seems counterintuitive and for good reason. Even experienced brewers find Brett to be an elusive agent that can cause unexpected consequences. And for a style lauded for its fresh flavors, is “horse blanket” really something you want to throw into the mix?
The Rare Barrel

5 Best Tequila-Barrel-Aged Beers to Enjoy Right Now

One barrel type that is less commonly used in aging beer is the tequila barrel. Like the other barrels mentioned, tequila barrels provide their own character to the mix, often described as an herbal, spicy kick.
Beer on a wooden barrel

How to Age Your Beer at Home for Even Better Flavor

Beer cellaring allows both home-based and commercial connoisseurs to sample how time affects the flavor of such beers as stouts, sours, and barleywines, and other craft varieties.
camping beer accessories with getty images

Backcountry Brews: Essential Beer Accessories for Your Next Camping Trip

Take wilderness exploration to the next level with these beer accessories ready-made for your camping adventures, from growlers to chillers.
little brother brewing north carolina

Why You Should Get to Know Little Brother Brewing in North Carolina

Little Brother opened in November 2017 on the lively corner of South Elm and West McGee in downtown Greensboro with a stylish taproom with a view of its small but efficient four-barrel brewhouse.
three beer glasses

The 5 Best Craft Beer Collaborations to Drink Now

Some professional brewers take the sharing concept even farther, reaching beyond their own breweries to partner with other pros. With this simple act, competitors can become collaborators. These are the best craft beer collaborations to drink now.
home brewing homebrewing ingredients

Homebrewing 101: An Introduction to Extract Brewing

There’s no need to tackle the most complex processes right away or invest in a ton of expensive equipment. Ease yourself into the world of homebrewing and set yourself up for success by using a malt extract kit.
sierra nevada pale ale

What Is Pale Ale? Everything You Need to Know About the Basic Beer Style

The pale ale isn’t sexy. It’s not extreme. It’s not a palate wrecker. But believe it or not, there was a time when this humble beer style was the hottest thing going. In fact, the argument can be made that the American pale ale was the spark that ignited the fuse on the craft beer revolution.
milkshake ipa

Meet the Milkshake IPA, Your Newest Craft Beer Obsession

While the Milkshake IPA isn’t an officially recognized beer style yet, you can get in on the ground floor by tasting some of these excellent examples.
everything you need to know about pretoria fields collective

Everything You Need to Know About Pretoria Fields Collective

Pretoria Fields is a working farm brewery founded by Dr. Tripp Morgan, a vascular surgery specialist who had a longstanding passion for craft beer and wanted to make a way for the local flavors of Albany, Georgia, shine for locals and travelers alike.
high on hops brew in a bag

Learn to Homebrew in 2019 with Brew in a Bag

For wanna-be brewers short on time, space or funds, Brew in a Bag makes all grain homebrewing easy for delicious DIY beer.
founders brewing all day ipa

Founders’ 2019 Beer Release Calendar Is Here and We Love It

Craft beer powerhouse Founders Brewing Company is hitting 2019 hard with a ton of releases. Find out what's coming out when.
wine barrel aged beers

5 Best Wine Barrel-Aged Beers to Drink Right Now

Wine barrel-aged beers are an interesting and often surprising category of barrel-aged beers that you should check out sooner rather than later. Here's where to start.
2018 Great American Beer Festival Dogfish Head Brewery Sam Calagione

5 Beer Fests Worth Traveling for in 2019

One of the best ways to sample a large number of beers at once is to head to a beer festival. You may have plenty of local options, but these are the best beer fests worth traveling for in 2019.
Druid City Brewing Company Alabama

NCAA Championship of Beers: The Best Brews to Represent University of Alabama and Clemson University

On January 7, the University of Alabama football team will take on Clemson University for the NCAA Championship. In the spirit of competition, these are the best beers and breweries from Tuscaloosa, Alabama, and Upstate South Carolina.
A group of friends enjoying their glasses of craft beer.

3 New Year’s Resolutions for Beer Lovers in 2019

As you reflect on your favorite beers of 2018, you may also be looking for ways to evolve your beer experience in 2019. Whether you are a brew newbie (a brewbie?) or a seasoned disciple of the almighty craft beer, here are three tips for a successful new year of enjoying what you drink.
Beyond the Clouds Monday Night Brewing

Let’s Agree to Disagree on the 5 Best Craft Beer Releases of 2018

Any “best of” list is destined to court controversy. Fans of craft beer are passionate folks with unique palates — so let’s all agree that we’ll never agree on the best craft beer releases of 2018.
jon snow game of thrones

The Night Is Dark and So Is Ommegang’s New King in the North Stout

Waiting for 'Game of Thrones' to return for the final season in 2019. Quench your thirst for more Jon Snow with the newest GoT tie-in beer from Brewery Ommegang: King in the North, a barrel-aged imperial stout.
winter warmers

‘Tis the Season for Winter Warmers: What to be Sipping On Right Now

Winter warmers are sometimes referred to as Christmas beers, winter ales, or wassail ales. The key flavor signifiers are a pronounced, sweet malt presence, low hop bitterness, alcohol warmth, and seasonal spices.
Shmaltz Brewing Chanukah Hanukkah Pass the Beer 2018 cans

Shmaltz Brewing Brings Beer and Holiday Cheer to Hanukkah

Chanukah, Hanukkah: Pass the Beer is a mouthful to say and an enjoyable mouthful to drink. A study in eights to commemorate the right nights of Hanukkah, the beer includes right malts and eight hops, checking in at an appropriate 8 percent alcohol by volume.
sour beers craft beer gateway brew sea quench dog fish

Why Sour Beers Are the New Gateway Drink into the Craft Brewing World

From Oud Bruin to goses and every tart taste in between, sour beers are luring new craft beer drinkers to the scene. Here are the best sour beers to try right now.
Christmas Pancakes Hardywood Park Craft Brewery

The Best Maple Syrup Beers Bring Breakfast to Your Pint Glass

The natural sugar in maple syrup is a perfect catalyst for boosting a brew’s alcohol content, adding a touch of sweetness, or infusing a bit of childhood nostalgia into your ale. Here are the five best maple sugar beers on the market.
vermont craft beer scene prohibition pig brewery facebook

Your Guide to a Craft Beer Road Trip Around Vermont

The Vermont craft beer scene may be the best in the United States. From Hill Farmstead to The Alchemist, find out where to get the freshest New England IPAs.
holiday cheers

The Best Beer for Thanksgiving: Seasonal Pairings for Your Favorite Dishes

For beer drinkers, 2018 is a fantastic year to give thanks for the variety and quality of brews that are available. That breadth of choice allows you to make delicious pairings with your Thanksgiving holiday meal.
Dragon's Milk

New Holland Brewing’s Dragon’s Milk Stout Gets a Delicious Makeover

A roasty, pitch black stout with a smooth, full mouthfeel, Dragon’s Milk features flavors of vanilla, whiskey, and chocolate. The beer received a new graphic design and Reserve variant called Banana Coconut.

Give Thanks for the Best Sweet Potato Beers

A harvest season staple that is versatile enough to be used everything from side dishes to desserts, the sweet potato also makes a fine adjunct for adventurous brewers. While pumpkin beers get all the headlines, these sweet potato beers are quickly accumulating fans during the cooler months of fall. 
carrot beer home brew tips and tricks shorts brewing

How and Why You Should Add Carrot to Your Home Brew

See you later, pumpkin ales. Sayonara, sweet potato brews. There’s a new orange-hued root vegetable beer in town. It’s time for carrot beer to take center stage.

5 Best Craft Beer Books to Have on Your Shelf

While all of this information can be found with a few well-worded internet searches, there’s something to be said about buying a good old fashioned book to guide the way. These are our top five books for would-be craft beer aficionados.
Brew Candy from Swag Brewery

Move Over Candy Corn: Beer Candy Makes for a Hoppy Halloween

Love beer? Love candy? Meet beer candy! And don’t worry, there’s no alcohol in these, so no need to check IDs at your front door this Halloween.
tasty ipa 21st amendment brewery tast featured image

21st Amendment is Bringing ‘Tasty’ IPA Back

Nearly every home brewer dreams of one day sharing their beer with the masses. But if you’re good enough, maybe the brewery will come to you. That’s how 21st Amendment made Tasty IPA.
Ale Gateau Foret Noire

Unibroue Brewery Turns 25 Years Old, Bakes Us a Cake Instead

Gâteau Forêt-Noire from Unibroue is a sweet, rich “Black Forest Cake Ale” brewed to honor the Canadian brewery's 25th anniversary. Here's how to get your hands on it.
beer snifter chalice glass

What Is a Gruit and Where Can You Find One?

Beer without hops? Believe it or not, people were making beers without our favorite bitter friend for centuries. That beer is called gruit. Here's everything you need to know about the brew style and where to find the best beer.
Las Vegas Downtown Brew Festival 1

Your Sneak Peek at Las Vegas Downtown Brew Festival 2018

The Las Vegas Downtown Brew Festival promises 200-plus craft beers representing more than 60 breweries, a live music stage, food vendors, and VIP upgrade experiences for 2018.