Take Your Drinking to New Heights and Serve Suds in Style with a Beer Tower

Beer towers replicate the draft experience on a table top.

In Southeast Asia, it’s not unusual to see barroom tables punctuated by tall cylinders filled with glowing, golden beer. Instead of simply ordering a pint at the counter, these patrons are ordering beer to share, dispensed by a beer tower.

Beer towers are an alternative to the traditional pitcher method of dispensing draft beer to a group. The concept is simple. The bartender fills up a beer tower from the tap, which is delivered to the patrons. Guests can then dispense as much, or as little beer as they like at their own pace. While not incredibly common in the US, the popularity of beer towers has spread internationally. You may not be able to find beer towers in your corner pub today, but you can get a jump on the trend and add one to your home bar with these options.

Wildwood Towers

Wildwood Towers are gorgeous objet d’art sourced from custom components including a hand-turned wooden base. These are tastefully designed beer towers that will blend into many traditional decorating schemes.

If your style is more “atomic age neon” than “rustic artisanal,” BarProducts.com offers a 3 liter beer tower that resembles a rocket about to take flight. With a picnic tap style dispensing mechanism, this model also offers an ice tube to keep the beer cold and even hosts its own multicolored fluorescent light show. 

The BrewTender Tabletop Beer & Beverage Dispenser

The BrewTender would fit seamlessly into most contemporary kitchens. The chrome model in particular looks more like a blender than a beer dispenser. The BrewTender holds eighty ounces and, like the rocket tower, includes an ice vault and optional lighting. A Lazy Susan rotating base means that everyone at the table can easily get a pour.

As an upgrade to your home bar, beer towers let your guests serve themselves and provide a novel, conversation-sparking addition to your setup.

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