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1220 spirits origin gin bottles

1220 Artisan Spirits Announces ‘Origin’ Via 4 Hands Brewing Co.

Origin is described as a New World botanical gin and its base consists of 75% grape and 25% corn. The ingredients list includes a plethora of exciting elements like Croatian juniper, coriander, orris root, bergamot orange and neroli, an essential oil extracted from the orange blossom flower. 
stone brewing 22nd anniversary anni matter double ipa annual 2

Stone Brewing Celebrates 22 Years with Anni-Matter Double IPA

2018 marks Stone’s 22nd anniversary and the release of another IPA to its impressive stable, Anni-Matter.
Innovation Brewing North Carolina

Step Outside Asheville and Trek the Jackson County Ale Trail

An hour’s drive outside of Asheville you can find Jackson County, an area of quaint small towns that embody that same free spirit and quirky style that made Asheville famous. Also like Asheville, Jackson County is growing its own scene of local breweries.
schlafly hibiscus and lemongrass blonde beer 1

Perfect for Porch Drinking: Schlafly Hibiscus and Lemongrass Blonde

One of Schlafly’s most exciting new additions to its stable is the Schlafly Hibiscus and Lemongrass Blonde Ale. Perfect for summertime porch drinking, this 4.8 percent alcohol by volume golden elixir weaves a delicate complexity into the easy drinkability.
the beerist

Listen Up: These are Best Podcasts For Beer Lovers

You're never drinking alone when you listen to one of our favorite craft beer podcasts. These shows feature beer reviews, news, and general brew-induced silliness.
LIC Beer Project El Turno

3 Releases From LIC Beer Project You Should Get to Know

LIC Beer Project is a Long Island City brewery that started up in 2015. It’s a relatively small facility, with a 20-barrel brewhouse (roughly 516 gallons) and a bustling, intimate taproom. What it lacks in size, it makes up for in enthusiasm and creativity.

‘Brewing Eclectic IPA’ is a New Book For Hophead Homebrewers

Homebrewers can be intimidated by such a diverse landscape of hop-forward beers. That’s where the new book 'Brewing Eclectic IPA: Pushing the Boundaries of India Pale Ale' comes in. Author Dick Cantwell introduces the big, beautiful world of India pale ales with recipes, history, and scientific facts.
left coast brewing trestles

Left Coast Brewing Company is the King of Beach Beer

Left Coast Brewing Company has three excellent beer choices right now to beat the summertime heat. Whether you’re a fan of robust hopping, south-of-the-border lagers, or simple thirst-quenchers, grab one of these year-round offerings on your next trip to catch a wave.
brew cruises

Brew Cruise: Get Your Craft Beer On While Sailing the High Seas

Roam the seven seas with exclusive craft beers on these exclusive high-end brew cruises. These are our picks for the best options.
Eskilstuna Okultur Pale Ale

Meet Eskilstuna Ölkultur, Sweden’s Master of American-Style Ales

Travelers to Sweden looking for good local beers would be well served to head west from the capital of Stockhom to find small-town breweries like Eskilstuna Ölkultur, whose Eskilstuna Pale Ale is American in the best possible way.
fenway park sam deck sam adams beer

You Can Drink a Boston Lager at Fenway Park’s New ‘Sam Deck’

Samuel Adams is the official beer of the Boston Red Sox. To cement that status, the brewery has opened he Sam Deck, a food and drink oasis above left field at Fenway Park.

Why (and How) You Should Start Growing Your Own Hops

Learn to grow your own hops for homebrewing beer or just the glory of the bitter weed. Information about hops, growing zones and best practices.
how to prevent a hangover

How a Finnish Startup Brewery Is Reducing Its Carbon Footprint

Finland's Everyman's Right Brewery is striving to become the world's first carbon-negative brewing facility. Its nascent production plans include using 100-percent renewable energy sources — and the brewing team needs your help.
best craft beer bars in reykjavik

Sample 3 of the Best Craft Beer Bars in Reykjavik, Iceland

The next time life takes you to Iceland, perhaps to tour the Golden Circle or soak in a natural hot spring, end your day at one of these fantastic three best craft beer bars in Reykjavik.
monday night brewing garage atlanta georgia

Beltline Breweries: Where to Find Beer with a View in Atlanta

Atlanta Beltline breweries are a great place to grab craft beer with a view in the heart of Georgia's busy capital. Here are the best watering holes on the collection of former railroad tracks.
rain beer glass

The Best Beers to Enjoy on a Rainy Day

Beer is a drink often associated with the joys of the outdoors. However, the weather doesn't always let us enjoy it. When rain keeps you inside, find solace in these tasty sippers from 3 Floyds, Against the Grain, and The Bruery.
El Sully 21st Amendment Brewery

How to Celebrate Cinco de Mayo with Mexican-Style Lagers Brewed in the U.S.

Whether it’s to celebrate Cinco de Mayo, a day in the surf, a tasty taco, or just to escape from summer heat, Mexican-style lagers are the thirst quenching, refreshing beverage you crave. Skip the big names and try these craft beer alternatives instead.
pelican brewing kiwanda cream ale

What is Cream Ale: 3 Best Brews for Exploring this Beer Style

Made popular by brands like Genesee and Little Kings in the pre-craft brewing era, cream ales are known for being easy to drink and, of course, thirst-quenching. These three brews will serve as the perfect introduction to this underappreciated beer category.
homebrew beer glass

Cheers to National Homebrew Day and Raise a Glass Together on May 5

DIY beer aficionados across the U.S. will participate in a simultaneous toast on Saturday, May 5 to honor National Homebrew Day (which is officially recognized as May 7). Here's how to join an American Homebrewers Association event or host your own.
dogfish head craft ales sam calagione

Talking Music, Leadership, and (Of Course) Beer with Dogfish Head CEO Sam Calagione

We caught up with Dogfish Head CEO Sam Calagione on a tour through the U.S. for a one-on-one chat about working with musicians, life lessons, and the state of beer in 2018.
Beer Alternatives to Champagne

How to Celebrate National Beer Day in 2018

National Beer Day falls on April 7 every year, commemorating the date in 1933 when the Cullen–Harrison Act legalized the sale of beer and taps starting flowing again with sweet, sweet brew.

Time to Head to the Tar Heel State, Because April is North Carolina Beer Month

There are over 250 breweries within North Carolina's borders, so you’ll need the whole month to experience the breadth and depth of the state's beer scene.
beer tap pour

Brewers Association Announces New Beer Styles for 2018

The Brewers Association has added several new categories to the official beer style guidelines. All of these are directly influenced by the creativity and diversity in the current craft beer market.
schlafly northeast ipa

Schlafly Beer Releases Hoppy New Northeast India Pale Ale

St. Louis' largest locally-owned, independent craft brewery, Schlafly Beer, has introduced a new entry in its Hop Allocation Series: Northeast India Pale Ale.
chica dogfish head brewery

Dogfish Head Brewery Revives the Peruvian Beer Style Chicha

What makes Dogfish HeadBrewery's chicha recipe special—- and less explored than other Old World beer styles — is its signature ingredient: human saliva.

Welcome to Wheat Wine, a New Beer Style Pioneered by American Brewers

American brewers are pioneering Wheat Wine, a relatively new beer style that falls under the larger Strong Ale sect. Learn more about the Wheat Wine flavor profile and some of the top options on the market right now.

POTUS Potables: Patriotic Craft Beer to Sip on President’s Day

Drink up this President’s Day with these patriotic beers honoring your favorite founding fathers. We've got picks by 21st Amendment Brewery, Founding Fathers Brewing Co., and former president Barack Obama himself.
southbound brewing co

Savannah Music Festival Unveils Signature Beer for 2018

The Savannah Music Festival has once again teamed up with local brewers Southbound Brewing Co. to craft a 2018 flagship beer. Meet Rollin’ & Tumblin’ Vol. 2., an update to the two brands' previous collaboration by the same name.

Open Containers and Craft Breweries: A Mardi Gras Beer Guide

Looking for Mardi Gras beer? These are your best bets for getting your craft beer fix while partying it up in New Orleans, LA.
sam 76

Our First Taste of Samuel Adam’s New Ale and Lager Hybrid, Sam ’76

The age-old question: lager or ale? Samuel Adam's answer: how about both? Sam '76 combines two recipes — ale and lager — into one beer, and the result is surprising.
beer cellar

Pro Tips for How to Store Beer and Keep Your Cellar Organized

A new year is the perfect time to clear out your beer cellar. Follow these suggestions from Service Brewing Co.'s cellarman Keith Dion and organize your craft brew store.
stone brewing

Stone Brewing Announces 2018 Beer Release Calendar

San Diego-based Stone Brewing has seen considerable growth over the last few years and shows no signs of slowing down with new releases scheduled for 2018.
craft brew races

Take a Peep at the Craft Brew Races’ 2018 Schedule of Cities

Craft Brew Races is a nationwide running series that combines a spirited 5K route with a full-on craft beer festival. Here is the 2018 schedule of cities.
brooklyn brew shop kit box

Brooklyn Brew Shop Offers Pint-Size Beer Making Kits for Small Kitchens

Even the tiniest if kitchens have enough space for Brooklyn Brew Shop's one-gallon home brewing kits. Make anything from IPAs to cider to stout.
flaming lips wayne coyne

The Flaming Lips and Dogfish Head Team Up for Fruity New Beer

The Flaming Lips and Dogfish Head present Dragons & YumYums, a tropical. fruity, bitter ale that will be released in April 2018.
shmaltz brewing turns 21 company

Shmaltz Brewing Turns 21 Years Old and Celebrates Hanukkah at the Same Time

Shmaltz Brewing turns the magical age of 21 this winter. The brewery proudly names its beers with religion-based puns, and including their Hanukkah brews.
denver beer festivus

Chill Out with a Cold Brew at these Winter Beer Festivals

The Manual's 2017-2018 guide to winter beer festivals includes boozy events in Phoenix, Denver, Breckenridge, and Boston.
Pow Triple IPA Highland Brewing Company

Fight Thirst with these Powerful Superhero Beers

Your guide to the best superhero beers. The iconic themes of capes and masks have spilled over into the world of craft beer.
draft beer

5 Best Okie Breweries According to an Oklahoma Craft Beer Expert

Oklahoma craft beer enthusiast Brian Welzbacher from highlights his five favorite breweries from his home state.
gingerbread stout

Hardywood’s Coveted Gingerbread Stout Beer Returns for 2022

Virginia-based Hardywood Park Craft Brewery's coveted Gingerbread Stout is available in eight variants, including seasonal barrel-aged versions.
West Coast IPA, IPA pour at Mancave Brewing, Oregon

The History of the West Coast IPA (And Why It’s So Damn Hoppy)

A guide to the West Coast IPA craft beer style, including a brief history and tasting notes, as well as easy to find examples.
samuel adams fall beer

Here’s a Taste of the New Samuel Adams Fall Beers

The veteran craft brewery released a few new Samuel Adams fall beer selections for 2017, including Honey Rye Pale Ale and Harvest Hefe.
schlafly double ipa

If You Like Hops, You’ll Love Schlafly Double IPA

Schlafly Double IPA is a part of the St. Louis brewery's Hop Allocation Series. A new IPA is being released every six weeks throughout 2017.

Crowlers are the Rugged Alternative to Traditional Glass Growlers

The original crowler, aka canned growler, was developed by Oskar Blues Brewery. This innovation allows beer drinker to take draft brews virtually anywhere.
creature comforts brewing co beer

Creature Comforts Brewing Co. is the Rising Star of Athens, Georgia

Creature Comforts Brewing Co. in Athens, Georgia is making a big name with its signature beer, Tropicália IPA, along with standouts Athena and Bibo.
Good People Brewing Company Beer

Birmingham Craft Beer Guide: Where to Find the Best ‘Bama Brews

This Birmingham craft beer directory features The Manual's favorite Alabama breweries and package shops, including Good People, Trim Tab, and Cahaba.
free craft beer recipes

Free Craft Beer Recipes that Let You Brew Your Favorite Commercial Beer at Home

The American Homebrewers Association released a free collection of famous craft beer recipes called The Commercial Beer Clone Recipes Guide.
independent craft beer, Brewers Association Certified Independent Craft Beers

New Brewers Association Label Confirms Your Brew is Truly “Craft”

A new independent craft beer bottle label marks makes it easy for consumers to know a brewery’s ownership and support small beer.
Modern Times San Diego Point Loma Brewing Company

Modern Times Beer Sells Out: To Its Employees

Bucking craft beer’s corporate buy-out trend, Modern Times Beer becomes a 30% employee owned company with the goal of total employee ownership.
The Beer Exchange, Beer Trading

Get Started in the World of Beer Trading

Beer trading is an easy way to find new brews from around the world. Find out how to get started using social networking websites like The Beer Exchange.