Hair of The Dog Art Show Elevates Bar Culture

Artist Andrew Bablo brings the low-brow world of bar signage into the fine art world with his new exhibition, playfully titled “Hair of the Dog.”

Typically reserved for brand logos and questionable slogans, the plaques, tin tackers and (of course) neon signs that adorn walls and windows of dive bars don’t have much of a pedigree in the world of fine art. However, they do fill their advertising purposes, effectively communicating to the barstool-sitting consumer, telling you what to drink with a sly wink and a short quip. While not necessarily beautiful, these glaring signs are a part of the vernacular of night owls and patrons of neighborhood juke joints.

Andrew Bablo has applied his design and manufacturing chops to create a whimsical alternative universe where these brightly lit advertising pieces embrace a more fun tone, enticing you with “Cheap Booze” and “Warm Beer” as opposed to the typical staid brand names. The old school aesthetic of Bablo’s creations reads as much carnival as corner bar, and that makes his art all the more appealing. Take for example his thick routed wooden coasters, which instruct drinkers to “Go Home” or “Have Another.” Colorful globe lights, bright and bold paint applications and tasteful weathered wood accents make Bablo’s hanging signs ripe for the walls of an art gallery or a well-decorated home bar.

Click through the gallery to get a sneak peek of Bablo’s surprising, well-crafted and gorgeous artwork that will debut in the show.

“Hair of the Dog” will be on display Thursday, January 19 from 6 until 9 PM at The Cabot in Beverly, Massachusetts. For more about Andrew Bablo, visit his website at Steez Design.

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