“Bikes & Beers” Unites Cyclists and Local Craft Breweries

Bikes & Beers

Combining beer with athletic endeavors may seem a silly premise. After all, beer is the nectar of the couch potato – one who would rather watch sports on television then actually participate, right? That stereotype has changed dramatically in recent years thanks to the proliferation of brewery-sponsored running groups, combination beer festivals and 5ks and the dreaded Beer Mile. Bicycle enthusiasts aren’t about to be left out of the fun, and Bikes & Beers is at the forefront of the beer and cycling movement.

Bikes & Beers organizes group bike rides with breweries in metropolitan areas around the United States. The events typically start with a check-in at the participating brewery (with coffee – no drunk riding, folks). Then, you have the option of participating in a 15 or 30 mile group ride. After the ride is over, you celebrate at the finish line with two free beers and get swag like branded pint glasses and raffle items. Food trucks and live music complete the festival-like atmosphere.

Bikes & Beers Official Pint Glasses
Image Courtesy of Bikes & Beers

As the saying goes, “nobody rides for free,” with typical Bikes & Beers signup costs hovering around the $40 mark. Teams of five or more qualify for discounts. The money raised goes to the organizers to offset the costs involved with the event as well as a bicycle-related area charity. For example, September’s ride at Sweetwater in Atlanta benefits the local chapter of Free Bikes for Kidz. The larger mission of Bikes & Beers is to promote cycling as a sport and hobby, and to influence pro-cycling legislation.

The altruism associated with Bikes & Beers is great, but it certainly doesn’t hurt that there are some stellar breweries associated with the rides like Bell’s in Michigan, Sierra Nevada in California, Dogfish Head in Delaware and Cigar City in Florida.

Learn more about Bikes & Beers and find an event near you at BikesandBeers.com.


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