Left Coast Brewing Company is the King of Beach Beer

left coast brewing trestles

Long a mecca for surfers, Orange County, California’s beach town of San Clemente is also home to a growing community of craft breweries. Expanding outward into neighboring San Juan Capistrano, Costa Mesa, and Laguna Beach, there are dozens of choices to grab a locally-made beer while taking in the natural beauty of the area.

One of the founding breweries on the scene is Left Coast Brewing Company. It’s still family-owned, just as it was when the brewery opened in 2004. However, this award-winning brewery isn’t stuck in the past. New beers are continually being released and Left Coast is opening a second location with a distillery and smokehouse in Irvine this summer.

Left Coast Brewing has three excellent beer choices right now to beat the summertime heat. Whether you’re a fan of robust hopping, south-of-the-border lagers, or simple thirst-quenchers, grab one of these year-round offerings on your next trip to catch a wave.

You can purchase Left Coast Brewing Company beers in more than a dozen U.S. states and select countries internationally, including Japan, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom. Find a distributor near you.

Trestles India Pale Ale
left coast brewing trestles

6.8 percent ABV, 58.5 IBUs

Trestles is an American IPA named after the iconic structures at San Onofre State Beach. Trestles uses five hop additions, including Chinook, Columbus, Simcoe, Dry Hop with Simcoe, and Centennial. The end result is an IPA of medium bitterness that finishes smooth. It’s the recipient of gold, silver, and bronze medals from the Australia International Beer Awards, San Diego International Beer Competition, and the New York International Beer Competition.

Una Mas Amber Lager
left coast brewing una mas

5.8 percent ABV, 25 IBUs

Pouring a rich copper color, Una Mas is a Mexican-style amber lager that packs a flavorful punch. The dark malts are there for color, not to thicken the mouthfeel or make the beer heavier. It’s just as easy to drink as your favorite big beer brand, but this one is made with the care, craft, and quality ingredients of an independent brewer. It was voted Best Vienna Lager in California for 2004 at the United States Beverage Tasting Championships and went on to win gold, silver, and bronze awards through state competitions for the next decade.

Blonde Marvel
left coast brewing blond marvel

4.5 percent ABV, 14 IBUs

There may be nothing better to accompany a day at the beach than a pint-sized can brimming with American blonde ale. Blonde Marvel is not a complicated beer. Instead, it’s highly drinkable: crisp, clean, and refreshing. That’s all there is to it. 

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