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What to Wear: While Surfing

what to wear while surfing
Surf’s up! Eager to catch some waves this summer? No matter what part of the globe you’re on, there’s always somewhere to go surfing. Whether you’re hitting the waves of Orange County, Far Rockaway or the beautiful beaches of Thailand, you’ll want to pick something surf appropriate. First of all, throw on some sun block so you won’t burn up under the hot sun. Next if you want your hair to stay put, ABL’s Surfwax for Hair is a useful 2-in-1 product that you can use on your head and your board. Put on some board shorts, and don’t forget to wear a rash guard so you don’t chafe your skin. Now grab your board, get up and go!

L-R: Watermans Zinc Oxide Surfers Face Stick Sunblock SPF 55, $16 at; ABL Surfwax for Hair, $14 at; Quicksilver Men’s Coastal Short-Sleeve Rashguard, $27.97 at; Vans Lanai Flip-Flop, $15 at; RVCA Flower Blood Boardshorts, $54 at; McCallum Narrow Chub Sub Surfboard, $1,125 at

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