Stone Brewing Bets Big on Germany

One of The United States’ biggest craft breweries has put down roots in the ancestral home of beer, Germany.

Escondido, California-based Stone Brewing Co. is known for its big attitude and even bigger beers. As the brewers of massive IPAs with names like Still Unapologetic and Ruination, the brewery has a reputation for fiercely unique beers that don’t exactly line up with the historic German beer purity laws. So, when word came that Stone Brewing Co. was going to open a production brewery and restaurant in Berlin, the global craft beer world noticed.

Now, the first fruits from Stone Brewing Co’s labor of love are available. Stone Brewing World Bistro and Gardens Berlin is serving its cuisine to the public and the brewery is fully operational. That new brewing facility is servicing 17 nations throughout Europe and makes Stone the first US brewery to independently build, own and operate a brewery on the continent. The hop forward beers Ruination, Cali-Belgique IPA and Stone IPA are rolling out fresh to European beer lovers and are designed for immediate consumption to enjoy the carefully curated hop profiles.


The World Bistro and Gardens facility boasts 65 beers on tap from Stone and its friendly competition. The food pairings utilize ingredients from small organic farms and support Stone co-founder Greg Koch’s passion for the Slow Food movement. Housed in a historic 1901 gasworks building, it’s a truly beautiful cathedral for enjoying your pint and meal.

Stone Brewing Co. is expanding its US presence, too, and is currently building a second brewery and restaurant destination in Richmond, Virginia. It also recently spun off its successful Arrogant Bastard beers into its own separately branded brewery, Arrogant Brewing.

No matter where it is brewed or the exact name it is brewed under, if you’re drinking a Stone Brewing Co. beer you’re guaranteed a robust, challenging beer drinking experience.

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