Craft Beer Indulgences Gift Guide

It’s easy to buy gifts for the craft beer lover.

Their basic needs consist of bottle openers, glassware, growlers and the beer itself. If they are especially adventurous, homebrewing supplies can be thrown into the mix.

Taken at face value, none of those craft beer gift guide categories are necessarily luxurious or expensive. Bottle openers are often free corporate giveaways. Likewise, take-home brewery branded drinking glasses can be found in exchange for the purchase of a pint at most tap takeover events. Basic amber colored growlers can be had for six dollars at any shop that provides fills. Beer and brewing equipment presents a wider range in quality and cost, but the vast majority of enthusiasts can find satisfaction in the lower end of the financial spectrum.

But if your budget is bigger this holiday, you can spend a little more (or a lot more) to indulge the craft beer drinker on your shopping list with these holiday-ready options.

The Bottle Opener ($140)
bottle opener

No fancy product title here, “The Bottle Opener” from Discommon is machined from aerospace grade aluminum. The distinctive shape offers ergonomic advantage and a sleek, modern look. Available in “Gotham Black,” “Satin Champagne” or the premium “Damascus Steel Coin,” the recipient will know this isn’t your run-of-the-mill opener thanks to the impeccable finish, heft and quality.

PicoBrew Zymatic ($1999)pico zymatic

Carboys and brew kettles are so last century. Take homebrewing into the smartphone era with this countertop brewing system. The Zymatic utilizes all grain techniques in a fully automatic appliance the size of an old school microwave. Most two and a half gallon batches are brewed in around four hours, saving time, if not money.

BrewDog The End of History ($20,000)the end of history

Coming in at a massive 55% alcohol by volume, this beer is the stuff of legend. Billed as a marriage of art, taxidermy and craft beer, making a $20,000 investment in BrewDog entitles you to a bottle of this very rare beer. Yes, it is housed in the carcass of a squirrel.

Whether you’re gifting beer, accessories that make beer better or even the ability to craft your own suds at home, remember that the sky is the limit, both in the diversity and creativity of your options as well as the accompanying prices.

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