The City of Roses Turns City of Suds During Cascade Brewing’s Annual Sour Fruit Fest

The Portland brewery known for sour beers holds its sixth annual celebration of the style.

Portland, Oregon has been called “The Best Beer City in the USA” by outlets as diverse as Serious Eats and CNN. It’s events like Cascade Brewing’s Sour Fruit Fest that perennially keep the City of Roses in contention as the national City of Suds.

Cascade’s 2017 edition of Sour Fruit Fest began February 22nd and is the sixth annual celebration of tart beers. The special events continue through Sunday, February 26. The festival’s sessions begin every day at noon in two locations – the Cascade Brewing Barrel House in Portland’s Eastside neighborhood, and the Raccoon Lodge and Brewpub in Southwest Portland’s Raleigh Hills.

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More than 50 exclusive Cascade sour fruit beers will be poured throughout the week. While the Barrel House will have the bulk of the special beers – a minimum of 25 on draft daily – Raccoon Lodge will serve as a satellite location with another 10 sour beers on tap. In addition to having a wider variety of beers from which to choose, the Barrel House will also provide sweet and savory food pairings and the opportunity to buy pre-aged bottles of favorite Cascade Brewing beers.

Like a great music festival, every date of the Sour Fruit Fest has a headlining beer. These include Friday’s Cherry Vlad (a special wild ale aged in bourbon barrels with cherries), Saturday’s Kentucky Peach (a quad and sour wheat blend with peaches aged in bourbon and wine barrels) and Sunday’s Tangerine Dream (a sour beer aged in rum barrels with tangerine zest, blended with Cascade’s Apricot Ale).

If that’s not enough sour for you, Cascade’s solid core lineup and dozens of rotational beers will be on hand along with favorite Honey Ginger Lime, which will be on nitro at the Barrel House all week long.

The Cascade Brewing Sour Fruit Fest is free to all attendees, but beer samples require additional charges.

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