Schlafly Beer Brings the Single Hop Beer Experience

Schlafly Single Hop, hop beers

St. Louis brewery Schlafly (pronounced shh-laugh-lee) has released a new variety beer package which includes four that emphasize experimental hop beer varieties.

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Most beers are brewed with a selection of several hops that combine for a diverse overall impact of flavor, bitterness and aroma. The concept behind a single hop series is to let the individual hop’s unique characteristics shine through. The beers in Schlafly’s new Hop Trial series are golden ales that share the same base single malt bill but only include one hop variety. There are 4 different beers in the series, each named for its respective hop. They are Hallertau Blanc, Bramling Cross, Enigma and Eureka.

Hallertau Blanc is known for its aromatic qualities, creating a floral ambiance with a clean, light profile. Bramling Cross is a versatile hop prized for its spiciness. Enigma fans use a variety of fruit-based comparisons to describe its flavor, some as diverse as raspberry and melon. Eureka is piney and resinous with tropical fruit and citrus notes.

Schlafly knows a thing or two about hops. Every month its brewpub locations have their own “Hop Trials” where patrons can offer feedback directly on a featured experimental hop variety. Those opinions are then shared directly with the hop farmers. Schlafly has used 102 different hops across its diverse line of beers in the past year.

The Hop Trial SMaSH Pack is available throughout Schlafly’s distribution area and includes each of the 4 hop-focused beers for easy comparison. The suggested retail price for the box is $13.99. Purchases of the Hop Trial SMaSH Pack help to promote Schlafly’s Hop in the City event, which will be held Saturday, September 17, at the tap room in St. Louis. This annual event features more than 40 Schlafly brews, food, and entertainment. Tickets for Hop in the City go on sale Aug. 1.

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