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The 5 Best Patriotic Beers for Celebrating the Fourth of July

The Fourth of July is that time of the year when we can enjoy a hearty picnic with our compatriots as fireworks adorn the sky. We may not have large gatherings this year, but there’s one thing that will unite the American people: Craft beer. Instead of purchasing beers from companies with American-themed branding, you might as well grab these patriotic craft beers that celebrate the heritage of the United States.

Anchor Brewing Company Liberty Ale

Photo Credit: Ramiro Silva (Flickr) Image used with permission by copyright holder

Perhaps the perfect beer to drink on the 4th of July is Anchor Brewing’s Liberty Ale. It was originally brewed for the bicentennial of Paul Revere’s ride way back in 1875. (You know, that whole “the British are coming” jaunt.) Having been introduced in 1975, Liberty Ale has the distinction of being the first modern IPA and perhaps the true spark of the craft beer boom — so many other beers wouldn’t be here today without it. Honor the American revolution with a revolutionary beer.

Yards Brewing Ales of Revolution Series

Image used with permission by copyright holder

There’s plenty of U.S. history to pull inspiration from in Philadelphia, so it makes sense that Yards Brewing has the Ales of the Revolution Series representing the founding fathers: Jefferson’s Golden Ale, Washington’s Porter, and Poor Richard’s Spruce Ale. The three brews are based on original beer recipes from George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and Benjamin Franklin. (Here’s a fun Fourth of July fact: They were big beer fans.) Jefferson’s and Washington’s have been brewed since 1999, so Yard’s is nearly 20 years into its patriotic ways.

Samuel Adams Boston Lager

Photo Credit: zedgekk0 (Flickr) Image used with permission by copyright holder

Sam Adams is one of the most widely known craft beer brands, and founder Jim Koch drew on patriotic roots to ensure the brewery caught on. While probably best remembered for his politicking, the real Samuel Adams — cousin of the second president, John Adams — was also a maltster following a long family line of similar occupations. Today, the namesake brewery’s flagship beer, Boston Lager, is accessible to nearly anyone and has enough flavor to keep even the snobbiest beer lovers happy on the 4th of July.

21st Amendment Brewery Brew Free! or Die IPA

Photo Credit: Scottb211 (Flickr) Image used with permission by copyright holder

Can a brewery get any more politically themed than being named after a constitutional amendment? 21st Amendment Brewery is named after the clause that ended Prohibition and allowed legal drinking in the U.S. Good thing, too, because the San Francisco brewery’s Brew Free! Or Die IPA is a great classic west coast IPA for whatever party is going down in your neighborhood on Independence Day. 21st Amendment also makes a number of other patriotic beers, including:

  • Hell or High Watermelon, a watermelon wheat beer with a depiction of the Statue of Liberty on the label.
  • Fireside Chat winter spiced ale with FDR nursing a snifter next to a fire.
  • Sneak Attack, a saison with a scantily clad George Washington crossing the Delaware.

Surly Brewing #Merica

Image used with permission by copyright holder

There may be no better beer to represent America in its current state than Surly Brewing’s #Merica. This lager, featuring flaked corn, pays tribute to the many American lagers that have come before it — a style that dates back well into the 1800s. Surly first brewed the beer specifically for the 4th of July in 2015, so it only makes sense to drink it this year if you’re able to get your hands on it.

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