Shmaltz Brewing Turns 21 Years Old and Celebrates Hanukkah at the Same Time

shmaltz brewing turns 21 company
Shmaltz Brewing Company/Facebook

Shmaltz Brewing Company turns the magical, legal drinking age of 21 this winter. The brewery is perhaps best known as being the country’s only “Jewish celebration beer company,” proudly naming its beers with religion-based puns like She’Brew, Hop Manna, and Genesis.

But it’s not all marketing hype at Shmaltz. The Clifton Park, New York-based brewery is the winner of more than 40 awards and has a devoted fanbase. After paying its dues with 17 years as a contract brewer, Shmaltz now boasts more than 30 staff members and a thriving brewhouse of 40,000 square feet. The Shmaltz team is marking this holiday season the best way it knows how, with the return of Hanukkah, Chanukah: Pass The Beer and the debut of Jewbelation 21.

Hanukkah Chanukah Pass The Beer
Schmaltz Brewing Company/Facebook Schmaltz Brewing Company/Facebook

Hanukkah, Chanukah: Pass The Beer is a mouth-full in name and taste. It earned a silver medal in the World Beer Championships and celebrates the eight nights of Hanukkah with eight malts, eight hops, and 8 percent ABV. What really sets this beer apart is the base style of a golden strong ale paired with cocoa nibs. It may seem like an odd juxtaposition, but it really works. The diverse malt base remains easy drinking and the chocolate blends with the honey sweetness for an excellent lighter-bodied holiday beer alternative.

Jewbelation 21
Schmaltz Brewing Company/Facebook Schmaltz Brewing Company/Facebook

Jewbelation 21 also works some basic math into its recipe, by utilizing 10 malts and 11 hops. The Dark American Strong Ale is a hefty 12.1 percent ABV  and is available in 22 ounce bottles. Released as an anniversary beer every winter, expect a thick, chewy, and undeniably complex beer akin to a barleywine with notes of dark fruits, coffee, and cherry wood.

Throughout December 2017, Shmaltz will host a series of special nights across the country in honor of its 21st birthday. Events include 8 Crazy Nights in St. Petersburg, FL, a Hanukkah Versus Christmas Dinner in Decatur, GA, plus tap takeovers and themed promotions in Seattle, St. Louis, North Carolina, Massachusetts, and across Shmaltz’s home state of New York.

Feature image courtesy of Shmaltz Brewing Company/Facebook.

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