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Bikes & Beers

“Bikes & Beers” Unites Cyclists and Local Craft Breweries

Cycling and craft brewery collaboration events Bikes & Beers is scheduled for New Jersey, Michigan, San Diego, Atlanta, Philadelphia and more...
Sixpoint Brewery

Sixpoint Brewery Retools Its Craft Beer Lineup for 2017

Sixpoint, a New York brewery, has revised its most popular craft beer recipes and created new beers to share with fans for 2017.
canned beer

The Best Canned Beer from Craft Breweries for Summer Sipping

Our choices for canned beer come from craft breweries like Destihl and Madtree and are perfect for the beach, lake or pool.
man running marathon mile

Drinking and Jogging: Running the Beer Mile with The Manual

The Beer Mile slogan is simple: “Four Beers, Four Laps.” That banal premise has somehow appealed to the nearly 100,000 people who’ve taken on the challenge.
andersen valley blood orange gose beer cans six pack

Anderson Valley Brewing’s Year of Gose Beer

June is peak Gose time at Anderson Valley Brewing Company as several labels like Briney Melon Gose and G&T Gose are now available for purchase
21st Amendment Brewing

21st Amendment Brewery Cools Down for Summer

California's 21st Amendment Brewery to release thirst quenching new beers for summer 2017 like Watermelon Funk and Blood Orange Brew Free! or Die IPA.

Take Your Drinking to New Heights and Serve Suds in Style with a Beer Tower

Beer towers replicate the draft experience on a table top. Check out our picks for traditional, modern and fun beer towers for your home bar.

Homebrew Con is Three Days of Heaven for the Homebrewer

Homebrew Con is the must-attend destination for amateur brewing enthusiasts. The 2017 edition will be held in Minneapolis from June 15th through July 17th.

Homebrewing Must-Have: The Homebrew Journal

The Homebrew Journal by Ben Keene is a fill-in-the-blanks book that will help you improve your homebrewing. Read The Manual's review.
best beers brewed with flowers beer garden

The Best Beers Brewed with Flowers (in Addition to Hops, of Course)

Flowers aren't just for smelling. Here are our favorite beers brewed with flowers from Treintaycinco, Southbound and Mikkeller.

Sour Beer-Making Kits Now Available to Home Brewers

This once-elusive sour beer style is becoming more popular and more accessible, and now you can make your own Gose at home.
beer camp sierra nevada 2017

Sierra Nevada’s Beer Camp Goes International

The 2017 edition of the Sierra Nevada Beer Camp collaboration beer series hits shelves in June accompanied by a nationwide beer festival.
Street Pub Tour

Deschutes Brewery Announces 2017 Street Pub Tour

The Street Pub Tour, a pop-up pub and mobile block party, is bringing beer, food, games and even philanthropy to 5 cities around the US this year

Winning the Cold (One) War

North Carolina’s Unknown Brewing Co. strikes back at Russia with Dirty Commie Heathen, a Russian Imperial Stout with cherries aged in bourbon barrels.
dockstreet brewery cannery

Now in Cans: Dock Street Brewery

Dock Street Brewery's new canning operation and tap room open in West Philly in April 2017. No Exit, Jip the Blood and more coming to cans.

Super Bowl Bet Leads to the G.O.A.T. IPA

G.O.A.T. IPA is a collaboration beer born from a Super Bowl bet between Scofflaw and Shipyard and is available right now in Atlanta.

Red Hare Brewing Company is on the March with ‘Wild Ales’

Georgia's Red Hare Brewing Company is set to open a new location in North Carolina which will focus on barrel aging and wild ales.
angry orchard tapped maple

Tap into Maple Syrup Season with Angry Orchard Tapped Maple

Angry Orchard cider makers are literally “tapping” into the flavors of the season with the release of two new ciders, Tapped Maple and Spiced Apple.
Melvin Brewing

Meet Melvin Brewing, Masters of IPAs

Melvin Brewing crafts delicious, innovative double IPAs from its Wyoming brewery including the award winning 2x4 and its Rotational Series.
drink it intern world of beer, world of beer

Get Paid to Travel and Drink Beer

World of Beer's popular Drink It Intern competition returns for 2017. Lucky winners will get paid to drink beer and tell the world about it.
Shacksbury’s Cider Club

From Farm to Cidery, to Your Doorstep: Shacksbury Cider Club

From the farm, to the cidery, to your doorstep, The Shacksbury Cider Club has all your cider needs covered with its easy subscription service.
cascade brewing sour fruit fest

The City of Roses Turns City of Suds During Cascade Brewing’s Annual Sour Fruit Fest

Cascade Brewing, (known for its sour beers) holds its sixth annual celebration of the style Sour Fruit Fest, Feb 22-26 at two Portland brewpub locations.
valentine's day beer

Beer My Valentine

Valentine's Day beer doesn't have to all be chocolate and cherries. Find sweet, spicy and bubbly ways to gift delicious craft beer this Valentine's Day.
redemption rye boilermaker, how to make a boilermaker

Easy Drinking: How to Make a Boilermaker

Learn how to make a boilermaker, your bartender’s favorite cocktail, with these beer and whiskey pairing tips using Redemption Whiskey's products.
new beers 2017

2017’s Most Anticipated Beer Releases

These are the beers we’re most looking forward to drinking in 2017. Includes new craft beers from Dogfish Head, Boulevard, Cascade, Left Hand and more.
forbidden root

Meet Forbidden Root Brewery

Forbidden Root is a brewery in Chicago, IL that specializes in craft beer made with unique botanical ingredients like roots and flowers.
glenfiddich ipa

Glenfiddich Gets Experimental with India Pale Ale Cask Finish

By finishing a single malt Scotch whisky in IPA craft beer casks, Glenfiddich creates new flavors combinations in this Glenfiddich IPA Cask finished whisky.
hair of the dog art show

Hair of The Dog Art Show Elevates Bar Culture

From "bar art" to fine art, artist Andrew Bablo lights up the room with his whimsical beer and whiskey inspired signage at his Beverly, MA exhibition.
hardywood park beer club

Hardywood Park Craft Brewery Launches Membership Program

Richmond, VA's Hardywood Park Craft Brewery will release seasonal, members-only beers and gift packages to its Family Tree beer club.
the lights out, aeronaut

The Lights Out and Aeronaut Collaborate on T.R.I.P.

Boston based psychedelic progressive rockers The Lights Out release their new album via beer can with Aeronaut Brewing Co.
beer candied bacon

DIY Beer Candied Bacon

This beer candied bacon recipe utilizes dark beer and thick cut bacon for a sweet, salty, dessert worthy snack that you'll want more often than you should.
guinness antwerpen stout

Guinness Debuts Antwerpen Stout and Rye Pale Ale

The venerable Irish brewery Guinness has released two exciting new beers in the United States, Antwerpen Stout and Rye Pale Ale.
beer flight paddle

Sample in Style with Beer Flight Paddles

Bring the brewery experience home with these beer flight tasting kits that feature a paddle and beer sample glasses.
craft beers for christmas

Last Minute Stocking Stuffer Beers

It’s the night before Christmas and you forgot to buy someone a gift. Pick up one of these easy-to-find craft beers for Christmas and save the day.
rogue dead guy

Drink Like a Dead Guy

Rogue’s Dead Guy Ale and Whiskey are a perfectly matched pair. With similar base ingredients, a side-by-side tasting is a wonderful experience.
long root ale

Patagonia Puts Down Roots in the Beer World

Long Root Ale is a team up between Patagonia and Hopworks Urban Brewery to create a beer made with Kernza.
craft beer gift guide

Craft Beer Indulgences Gift Guide

This High on Hops craft beer gift guide focuses on high-end upgrades for common beer nerd needs, including a $20,000 beer housed in a squirrel.
highland park sixpoint

Liquor Then Beer: The Highland Park and Sixpoint Collaboration

New York's Sixpoint Brewery releases Sköll and Rune, beers meant to be paired with Highland Park Scotch Whiskies.
hardywood park craft brewery

Meet Hardywood Park Craft Brewery

Richmond VA’s Hardywood Park Craft Brewery is ready for its closeup. The brewery's motto is “Brew with a Purpose." See how they put that into practice.
homebrew bottles, homebrewer's almanac

Make Fresh, Seasonal Beer with The Homebrewer’s Almanac

The Homebrewer's Almanac by Marika Josephson, Aaron Kleidon, & Ryan Tockstein is a complete guide to creating fresh, seasonal beer in your own kitchen.
Brew Guru

Brew Guru Brings Beer to Your Smartphone

The new Brew Guru app from the American Homebrewers Association aims to save members money on beer and homebrewing supplies and promote its network.
stone brewing

Stone Brewing Bets Big on Germany

California based Stone Brewing Co. has opened new facilities in Berlin, Germany, making it the first among US breweries to open a facility in Europe.
Distilled Knowledge

Think While You Drink with “Distilled Knowledge”

“ Distilled Knowledge : The Science Behind Drinking’s Greatest Myths, Legends, and Unanswered Questions” is a book of answers for all your alcohol questions
marzen beers

The 5 Best Märzenbiers

Whether you call them Märzenbiers, Oktoberfests, or Marzen beers, these are The Manual's top five picks for the style to enjoy this October.
Hood River Oregon, hops fest

Hood River Hops Fest is a Hop-Lovers Dream

Hood River, Oregon's Hops Fest is a hop lover's dream, showcasing beers made from fresh, whole-cone hops, grown right here in the Pacific Northwest.
dogfish head, flesh & blood ipa

Dogfish Head Flesh & Blood IPA

Flesh & Blood IPA is a completely different animal from Dogfish Head's flagship IPAs. Blood orange and lemon flesh make this an exciting new beer.
beer olympics

DIY Beer Olympics

To Celebrate the 2016 Summer Olympic Games get some friends together and host your own beer Olympics with these simple contests of skill and stamina.
hopsy hometap

Hopsy Brings Draft Beer to the Countertop

Subscription beer plans with HomeTap and Hopsy make on-demand craft brew a reality for Bay Area Californians.
Schlafly Single Hop, hop beers

Schlafly Beer Brings the Single Hop Beer Experience

Up your beer tasting game by delving deep on flavorful hop beer profiles from St. Louis brewery Schlafly.
best kickstarter beer projects

Kickstart Your Craving for Craft Beer

From bottle coolers to brewing your own beer, these are our favorite Kickstarter beer projects for July 2016.