Sixpoint Brewery Retools Its Craft Beer Lineup for 2017

Sixpoint Brewery was founded in Red Hook, Brooklyn in 2004. Since those early, heady days as a draft-only operation, Sixpoint has grown and changed with the emergent craft beer scene. Canning was introduced in 2010, and with that move the wider world found out about the delicious, hoppy beers coming out of Sixpoint’s lab. Resin, a juicy, bitter and, well, resinous Double India Pale Ale quickly became a standard bearer in a new movement for hop intensity in higher alcohol-by-volume craft beer. In the spring of 2017, Sixpoint announced the immediate availability of a completely retooled lineup with revised recipes, streamlined branding and a strong vision for its future.

The core line up from Sixpoint includes favorites like Resin as well as the previously available blonde ale Sweet Action, the brewery’s traditional IPA Bengali and The Crisp, a pilsner. All of those beers have been updated to reflect the brewery’s new supply chain, elevate specific flavors, and reflect current drinking trends. In addition to those stalwart main offerings, Sixpoint’s seasonal lineup is turning heads and bringing in new fans. Alongside the aforementioned year-rounders, look for these beers on shelves now.


Do you want the flavor punch of Resin but need a reprieve from the higher alcohol level? Low-Res is your new go-to Session IPA. This chuggable four and a half percent alcohol-by-volume (ABV) brew is hop juice in a can. As a bonus Low-Res is available in 8 packs(!) and has its own video game.

Sixpoint Brewery


Jammer is Sixpoint’s take on the Gose style, brisk and salty with a super low four percent ABV. Inspired by ocean vibes, Jammer incorporates coriander and sea salt for a refreshing, tangy bite that pairs well with lazy summer beach days.


Like Low-Res, Puff takes its hoppy cue from Resin. Puff is described as Resin “straight from the tanks,” remaining a Double IPA but hazy and unfiltered with an extra dry-hopping stage before canning and kegging. Puff is a master class in the juicy IPA craze, with Mosaic and Citra providing big grapefruit and citrus notes over the sweet malty baseline.

Sixpoint is primed for its future with new recipe tweaks and quality seasonal releases. From dank IPAs to salty Goses, there’s a Sixpoint can with your name on it.

Images Courtesy of Sixpoint Brewery

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