Kickstart Your Craving for Craft Beer

Kickstarter is a unique fundraising platform where makers of all kinds gather to pitch their big ideas. Many Kickstarter projects have provided the seed money for successful ongoing concerns like the smartwatch company Pebble and the return of entertainment favorites like Mystery Science Theater 3000 and Veronica Mars.

Beyond those high profile launches, Kickstarter is the home of thousands of smaller entities looking to fill a need in a specific niche. And if your favorite cause is beer, Kickstarter is a great place to lend your hard earned cash and get some cool perks in the process. From bottle coolers to brewing your own beer, these are our favorite Kickstarter beer projects for July 2016.

catalyst fermentation system, kickstarter beer

The Catalyst Fermentation System

The number one obstacle of every home brewer is the time involved. The Catalyst seeks to simplify your brewing and bottling days by eliminating traditional carboys and buckets and replacing them with a unique single-vessel conical fermenter. The promise is no transfers, no siphoning, no spilling and no clutter. It makes collecting yeast simple and is even dishwasher safe. The Catalyst will retail for $199 but Kickstarter beer backers can get one for as low as $160 with an estimated September delivery date.

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brewnola, kickstarter, beer, kickstarter beer

Brewnola Bites

Brewnola is a snack food company that promises “a buddy for your brew.” They take spent grains from an Austin, TX brewery and create Brewnola Bites, a granola-type mix with flavors like Siracha, Chili Lime and Barbecue. The initial Kickstarter campaign is to raise $8,800 to purchase updated recyclable packaging with stretch goals that would allow the business to expand further. Backers can receive bags of Brewnola Bites or other beer-related merch.

artix cooler, kickstarter beer, beer, kickstarter

Artix Cooler

A multi-function water bottle, thermos, shaker and beer bottle chiller, the Artix Cooler is a versatile beverage carrier with some nice perks for beer lovers. The carabineer has a built-in bottle opener and the design is made to cradle a 12-ounce bottle and keep it cool along the way. A pledge of $18 or more will get you one of these when they ship in November.

As with any Kickstarter project, there are risks involved. The company may fold or the product may not meet your expectations. But the potential upsides are supporting an enterprising young beer-loving company and getting the latest gear before any of your friends.

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