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Homebrew Con is Three Days of Heaven for the Homebrewer


The 2017 edition of Homebrew Con brings craft beer competition and camaraderie to Minneapolis.

Beer festivals are obviously great places to learn about beer. You can sample different styles, discover new breweries, and sometimes even meet the brewers themselves. But if you make your own beer, you may be ready for the next step in beer knowledge: attending a home brewing convention.

Homebrew Con is the must-attend destination for amateur brewing enthusiasts. The 2017 edition of the popular convention will be held in Minneapolis, Minnesota at the Minneapolis Convention Center from June 15 through July 17, 2017. These three days will be filled with interactive learning sessions and social gatherings centered around all things beer.

Of course, beer sampling is a big part of the event. Tasting innovative beers from home brewers all over the world can provide plenty of inspiration for your next batch. But Homebrew Con’s real draw is the wide range of demonstrations and workshops available. Over 3,000 beer lovers are expected to attend and hear from craft beer industry experts like Surly Brewing Company founder Omar Ansari.

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Other convention highlights include the final round of judging for the National Homebrew Competition, an “Ask Me Anything” panel with beer author John J. Palmer and “Brewing Dreams: Stories about Going Pro” with professional brewers telling how they made the leap from garage brewing to the big leagues.

Brewing history buffs can also learn about the nearly-forgotten style of Molasses Beer, how to master mead production, and even hear from a paleontologist on the origins of key brewing ingredients. Science-based inquiries into production methods and recipes will be discussed, from dry yeast bottle conditioning to barrel aging alternatives.

For any home brewers looking to take their craft to the next level, Homebrew Con has something for you. Homebrew Con is organized by the American Homebrewers Association, which is approaching its 40th year in existence and claims over 46,000 members.

Photos provided by © Brewers Association

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