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Sierra Nevada’s Beer Camp Goes International

The 2017 edition of the Beer Camp collaboration beer series hits shelves in June.

Sierra Nevada is one of a handful of pioneering breweries responsible for the current state of American craft beer. Without iconic brews like Sierra Nevada Pale Ale and Torpedo, we wouldn’t have the multitude of hoppy, outrageous, and extreme choices on the market today.

For the uninitiated, the Beer Camp concept is a welcome excuse for Sierra Nevada brewers to work with younger creative breweries to test exciting, boundary-breaking recipes. Previous years have seen fan favorites like Cigar City, Wicked Weed and Creature Comforts bringing their unique visions to the Beer Camp signature mixed 12-pack format.

Not content with only pioneering American craft beer, Sierra Nevada has opened up to the world for the 2017 edition of its highly anticipated collaboration beer series. Six domestic breweries are joined by 6 international ones to make this year’s Beer Camp release a truly globe-spanning celebration of craft beer. Expected highlights include White IPA with Yuzu, brewed with Kiuchi Brewery in Japan, Denmark brewery Mikkeller’s collaboration Thai-Style Ice Tea and Ginger Lager made with Minnesota’s Surly Brewing. Other breweries taking part include The Bruery, Boneyard Beer, Tree House Brewing Co., Duvel Moortgat, Saint Arnold, Avery Brewing,  Garage Project, Fuller’s Brewery and Ayinger Brewery.

As with previous years, the beer release is accompanied by a roving beer festival, Beer Camp on Tour, hitting 8 U.S. cities from coast to coast this June. More than 700 breweries took part in the 2016 festivals and a similar number can be expected for 2017.

See what the hype is about first hand at the following cities for Beer Camp on Tour, or pick up the Beer Camp mixed 12-pack on store shelves this June for its one-time only national release.

  • Portland, ME – June 3
  • San Francisco, CA – June 3
  • Chicago, IL – June 10
  • Philadelphia, PA – June 17
  • Raleigh, NC – June 17
  • Austin, TX – June 24 
  • Long Beach, CA – June 24 
  • Seattle, WA – June 30

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