The Lights Out and Aeronaut Collaborate on T.R.I.P.

Boston-based psychedelic prog rockers release their new album via beer can.

“Are you ready for the reckoning?”

That’s the way The Lights Out’s new album T.R.I.P. begins. It’s as much a battle call as a public service announcement, girding the listener for a concept record that journeys through a science fiction universe of multiple dimensions. The music harkens to big rock stadium anthems complete with flashy guitar solos, layered harmonies and arrangements that are complex while remaining accessible.

However, instead of settling in with a gatefold LP filled with liner notes to learn more about the album, the listener is presented with a sixteen ounce can of beer. The Lights Out teamed up with Somerville, Massachusetts’ Aeronaut Brewing to present the world’s first album release via craft beer vessel.

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After listening to the music and discussing the concept with band members, Aeronaut crafted an “Imperial Session IPA,” a beer style that simply does not exist. The conflicting terms of “imperial”, implying a high alcohol percentage, and “session,” dictating a low alcohol percentage, play right into the album’s themes, resulting in a paradox.

“The beer fuels your trip for the multiverse,” explains The Lights Out’s guitarist Adam Richie. The usage of galaxy hops is another nod to the album’s content and creates a rich combination of fresh grapefruit flavor and clean hop bite. The sweet cracker malts mask the 7.5% alcohol by volume and make the beer balanced and easy to drink.

When picking up a can of T.R.I.P., drinkers are encouraged to follow the label’s instructions to download a copy of the album via a Twitter hashtag. If Aeronaut isn’t available in your area, you can listen to a teaser of the album at Soundcloud. T.R.I.P. will be released by The Lights Out through the usual music services later in 2017.

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