Brew Cruises: Get Your Craft Beer On While Sailing the High Seas

brew cruises

The concept of a brew cruise seems a bit juvenile at first. Maybe it’s the rhyming of the couplet or the similarity to the old “cruising for a bruising” expression. Regardless, the shorthand of the “brew cruise” phrase actually means something much different in the context of the modern luxury cruise.

The Brewers Association estimates that craft breweries contributed more than $55 billion to the US economy every year. Where there are passionate fans, there is money, and where there is money, there seems to be a themed cruise.

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Photo: Maple Leaf Adventures, Jeff Reynolds

In October 2017, Maple Leaf Adventures launches an exciting small-ship brew cruise along the coast of British Columbia, Canada, where you’ll sample more than 50 of British Columbia’s finest craft beers, speak with experts, and learn about beer and food pairings all aboard a classic tugboat refitted into an expedition yacht. Check out the brochure here.

If attending a niche-focused cruise doesn’t fit your travel schedule, Carnival Cruise Line’s the Carnival Vista, is the permanent home to RedFrog Pub & Brewery, an on-board brewing facility featuring beers made right on the ship. This partnership with Miami-based Concrete Beach serves up ship-exclusive brews like ThirstyFrog Port Hoppin’ IPA, ThirstyFrog Caribbean Wheat and FriskyFrog Java Stout.

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The thought of spending days at sea isn’t for everyone. If you’d like to just take a few hours on the water to enjoy a craft beer festival, Canada has its own Craft Brew Cruise series servicing cities like Vancouver and Toronto.

Beer and boating are a perfect combination. Whether it’s on the lake in the summer or on the high seas on a luxury liner, drinking a delicious craft beer in the company of friends in the peaceful confines of a cruise ship is another way to enjoy your beer with the added benefit of never needing a designated driver. Just make sure you aren’t prone to seasickness before making your deposit.