Hopsy Brings Draft Beer to the Countertop

hopsy hometap

For many craft beer fans, the holy grail of their hobby is to replicate the beer bar experience in the comfort and convenience of their own home. Creating the ultimate beer drinking atmosphere  means comfortable seating, good music and, of course, delicious beer on tap.

Draft systems have become more affordable in recent years and the kegerator market is rich with good looking units at a variety of price points and features. Do-it-yourselfers can build their own draft systems by following online “keezer” blueprints. But for those who aren’t ready to invest in a traditional draft system or don’t have the maker gene, there is a new alternative in the HomeTap by Hopsy.

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Developed by the KRUPS company, HomeTap is a countertop draft beer dispenser. KRUPS has produced a wide variety of coffee makers, toasters, and even other kitchen ready draft beer systems. The partnership with Hopsy, an online retailer of craft beer, is where HomeTap stands apart from other offerings in the space. Hopsy works with local craft breweries to supply fresh, neighborhood beers to its customers both in growlers and now in the HomeTap bottle format. Each HomeTap bottle holds two liters of beer and stays fresh for up to two weeks.

Hopsy and HomeTap purchases are currently available to Bay Area California residents in San Francisco, Oakland, Berkeley and the surrounding areas. Hopsy customers simply place an order online and the HomeTap ready beer shows up the next day. With over 100 different beers from more than 15 different breweries on board, there are plenty of options to keep beer drinkers quenched and happy. The HomeTap system is also available as a standalone purchase or a one-time bundle. Subscriptions are also available, which ensure your home pub never runs out of fresh suds.

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