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High on Hops: Give Dad Fresh Draft Beer

If the goal is to finish off the man cave, provide extra pizazz to the garage or just give dad the ultimate Father’s Day gift, buying a kegerator may be the perfect solution.

Kegerators are typically small refrigerators designed to hold a keg (or two) of beer, complete with a built-in tap tower for serving. They range from simple, relatively inexpensive units that resemble dorm fridges to multi-faucet behemoths that would intimidate even the most professional of bartenders.

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In order to impress the neighbors as well as pour the perfect pint in the comfort of your childhood home’s basement, these good looking, functional kegerators are guaranteed to make dad proud of you again.

Summit Appliance Diamond Plate Twin

Nothing says manly quite like the shine of diamond plate. Combine that industrial chic with a capacity for two 1/6 kegs and a party is born. A digital thermostat makes it easy to keep the temperature in check and a smart “Deep Chill” function means a fresh keg will get cold fast. Locking casters let dad roll it from the rumpus room to poolside on hot summer days. Price: $1,800

American Beverages 2 Tap Jockey Box

For the nature-loving dad, the portability of a jockey box can’t be beat. Fill the cooler with water and ice; attach a keg or two and it’s pour time. Whether used at a family picnic or weekend campout, fresh beer never tastes better than when enjoyed where you least expect it. Price: $299

Northstar 1951 Brew Fridge

Referencing the curves of a vintage Chevy, Northstar’s gorgeous retro fridge provides all of the cooling and freezing elements needed to serve as a primary kitchen appliance. With the optional Brew Master draft beer upgrade, it delivers beer right from the door, creating a delicious modern twist. Price: $2,995

The Home Brew Cave

Has your pop ever dreamed of owning a professional-grade walk-in cooler for storing his favorite brews? That dream can be a reality with the Home Brew Cave from US Cooler. It’s billed as the largest residential model kegerator you can buy. With shelving installed, it boasts room for over 30 cases of beer plus an additional six kegs. A single tap handle rests next to the doorway, but it can be modified for additional faucets. The system is based around modular construction and an afternoon of easy assembly would be the perfect father-son project. Price: $10,000+ depending on configuration

From sub-$500 party fridges to professional grade, high-end storage solutions, kegerators come in all shapes and sizes. If a kegerator isn’t in the budget this year, you can still make dad happy with a thoughtful card and picking up the tab for a few fresh pours at the corner pub.

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