Bubbly Beer Alternatives to Champagne on New Year’s Eve

Beer Alternatives to Champagne
Miller High Life isn’t what you should be drinking this New Year’s Eve. While the legacy lager may be qualified for a hipster revival, its motto as “The Champagne of Beers” would be put to better use by a number of flavorful, fun to drink upstarts, all of which have their fair share of bubbles.

When you reach out for a toast to 2018, do so with one of these delicious bubbly beers in your glass (if Champagne or sparkling wine isn’t your thing).

Saison De Banc Vert by Green Bench Brewing Co.

Green Bench Brewing Beer
Green Bench Brewing/Facebook

Green Bench in St. Petersburg, Florida, created a real winner with this 100-percent oak-fermented farmhouse ale. Saison De Banc Vert is teeming with rich hay aroma and pours a beautiful golden orange with a massive marshmallow-fluff head on top. The Belgian yeast adds a touch of funk but the standout is the dry, Champagne-like finish that will have you going back for another pour.

Beatification by Russian River Brewing Company

Russian River Brewing Co./Facebook

An incredibly complex sour ale, Beatification will add some kick to your boring old Champagne flute. The hard-to-source Russian River beer combines a gose-like saltiness with the mouth-puckering pop of Sweet Tarts and culminates in a mouth feel and dryness that can confidently be deemed worthy of special occasions.

Gift of the Magi by The Lost Abbey

The Gift of the Magi

With Christmas barely in the rearview mirror, mix up these two year-ended holidays with a sensory treat from The Lost Abbey. The powerful pop of removing the cork will bring the Gift of the Magi’s first comparison to Champagne and the second will be the multitude of bubbles. Dried fruit and ginger flavors combine with breadfruit dryness and eastern-tinged spices.

Whether you’re watching the ball drop in Times Square, counting down the seconds in a crowded bar, or quietly ringing in the new year with family and friends at home, these beers are a great way to celebrate and get the vibe of the traditional drink of New Year’s Eve festivities.

Featured image courtesy of Izusek/Getty Images.


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