Gift Guide: Father’s Day for Foodies

If your father loves food, here are a few gifts to whet his appetite on Father’s Day.

Excalibur Dehydrator
Is your dad a jerky lover? If so, give him an Excalibur Dehydrator, and he can make all the turkey, beef or fish jerky he wants.
Prices vary; visit for more information.

MarieBelle Pin-Up Bars
Not only is the chocolate delicious, but these bars also have some eye candy.
$10 at

Wallace Edwards & Sons Big Bacon Box
Ten pounds of Hickory-Smoked Sliced Bacon and Hickory-Smoked Sliced Peppered Bacon. That’s all.
$129.95 at

Dewar’s 12
What father doesn’t appreciate a good Scotch?
For more information, visit

Cherry Moon Farms Best With Beer Gift Set
If your dad loves beer, he’ll love these food pairings that go with it.
Prices vary, at

Moore & Giles Leather-Wrapped Flask
This flask is stylish, and can hold a little bit of whatever poison you choose.
$95 at

Finally, a food subscription service that offers things like hot sauce and bacon spread — everything a man loves to eat.
For more information, visit

Portable Briefcase Grill
This handy Portable Briefcase Grill goes anywhere — the park, the lake, camping and more.
$80 at

Father Decanter Set
What says Happy Father’s Day more than this decanter set?
$78 at

Sansaire Sous Vide Immersion Circulator
Your dad can pretend he’s on Top Chef, with this tool that was once reserved only for professionals.
$199 at

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