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Gin gift guide: Everything your favorite drink enthusiast needs to craft the perfect cocktail

Jez Timms/Unsplash

When it comes to refreshing cocktails, it’s difficult to beat the timeless appeal of a well-made gin & tonic. We all know that it really shines on a warm summer night. But it’s the kind of drink that’s so fresh and loaded with herbal, botanical, and citrus flavors that even drinking it during the colder months seems to transport you to the hazy days of summer, if only for a moment.

And while we can thank the tonic and lime for that, it’s really the gin that does most of the heavy lifting. If you have a great gin, your gin & tonic is likely to be crisp, refreshing, and memorable. This is because the juniper and other botanicals included pair with the other ingredients to create a perfect, thirst-quenching, balanced drink.

The same goes for any gin-based cocktail. Use a poorly-made gin for the base, and you might end up with an overly floral nightmare. Luckily, there are many outstanding, flavorful, aromatic gins on the market to suit any palate. From big brands to smaller, artisanal outfits, gin is big in 2023.

This is why, instead of whisk(e)y, the 2023 holiday season should be a time to give gin as a gift to your cocktail-loving friends and family. But it’s not just gin, there are many gin-related gifts well-suited for the botanical buddies in your life as well. Keep scrolling to see some of our favorite gifts for gin lovers.

Gray Whale Gin
Gray Whale

Gray Whale Gin

There are few gins more perfect to give as a gift to a gin-lover than Gray Whale Gin. Before you even get into what’s inside, the bottle itself is worth gifting. Its light blue color and image of a whale tail give it a distinctly oceanic appearance. The gin itself gets its name from the journey the gray whale makes up the California coast. It’s flavored with ingredients found along the way, including sea kelp, Temecula limes, juniper, mint, and even almonds.

Gin: The Manual By Dave Broome
Gin: The Manual

Gin: The Manual By Dave Broome

One of the best things about the cocktail renaissance of the last two decades is the fact that there are countless experts in every spirit. Dave Broome is one of the most respected spirits writers overall, having written books about whiskey, rum, and, of course, gin. His book Gin: The Manual is a must-buy for the gin fan in your life. In this book, they’ll learn about the history of gin, how it’s made, and maybe even be able to differentiate between gins from various countries.

High Goal Luxury Gin
High Goal

High Goal Luxury Gin

With a name like High Goal Luxury Gin, this Charleston, South Carolina-based gin brand wants you to know exactly what you’re getting when you crack this bottle open. A great gift for the gin fan in your life who wants to try a distinctly southern gin, this expression was crafted to emulate the flavors of its historic location. Flavors like Meyer lemon, mint, juniper berries, coriander, and cardamom make this corn-based gin a unique, aromatic, and flavorful base for any classic gin cocktail.

Koval Cranberry Gin

Koval Cranberry Gin

This award-winning gin Liqueur is the closest thing to “holiday flavored” gin you’re going to get. That is unless you simply think the piney, juniper flavor fits that bill. In that case, every gin is a holiday gin. Koval Cranberry Gin, on the other hand, begins as Koval Gin and is made with 13 herbs and botanicals. The tart, sweet cranberry flavor is added to elevate this gin into something even more spectacular. Gift this to someone who enjoys cranberries and gin-based cocktails to guarantee a happy new year.

Cocktail Shakers
Williams Sonoma

Williams Sonoma 8-ounce Stainless-Steel Cocktail Shaker

If you have a friend, family member, or co-worker who enjoys gin-based cocktails and doesn’t already have a proper cocktail shaker, now is the time to gift one. But, if you’re giving a gift, you can’t just buy any shaker you come across. A great choice is the Williams Sonoma 8-ounce Stainless-Steel Cocktail Shaker. This stainless steel, dishwasher-safe cocktail shaker has a watertight seal and a cap that measures a half-ounce pour. It’s the perfect choice for the gin cocktail enthusiast.

Uncommon Goods Gin Making Kit
Uncommon Goods

Uncommon Goods Gin-Making Kit

If you didn’t know it, to make gin, you begin with neutral grain alcohol. You infuse it with juniper and other herbs and botanicals. This gives it the distinct piney, herbal taste that fans of the spirit love. The only problem is that the makers of The Botanist Islay Dry Gin and other well-known brands have all the fun. They get to pick and choose which herbs and botanicals to add. If you know someone who would love to craft their own gin, the Uncommon Goods Gin Making Kit is perfect for them. They can craft their own gin using various herbs and botanicals, including juniper, coriander seeds, cubeb pepper, cardamom, hibiscus flowers, laurel, lavender flowers, licorice, orange peel, and pink berries. It also has 12 different botanical test tubes, two 12-ounce glass bottles with wooden corks, labels, two filters, a stainless steel funnel, and a recipe guide.

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