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Everything You Need to Know About Pretoria Fields Collective

The southwest Georgia town of Albany is known as “The Good Life City.” Home to legendary vocalist Ray Charles, baseball player Ray Knight, and country comedian Ray Stevens, Albany just might be able to boast the highest concentration of successful “Rays” in the country. To add another feather in the Good Life City’s hat, Albany recently gained its very own brewery: Pretoria Fields Collective.

Lee Heidel/The Manual

Pretoria Fields is a working farm brewery and blends in perfectly with its rural surroundings. It was founded by Dr. Tripp Morgan, a vascular surgery specialist who had a longstanding passion for craft beer and wanted to make a way for the local flavors of Albany (including those grown on his family’s own farm) shine for locals and travelers alike. Former Russian River brewer Eric Kirchner joined the local founders in 2015, and the beers are now hitting wider distribution throughout the state of Georgia. The brewery strives to grow as many of its ingredients as possible, from organic grains to its fruit additions. With a wide-ranging initial lineup, Pretoria Fields is out to prove that it can make solid beers in a variety of styles.

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Lee Heidel/The Manual

Here are four of our favorites. All of these beers are available right now in cans and on draft throughout Pretoria Field’s distribution area.

Shoalie IPA

Pretoria Fields

In 2019, you’ve got to have a good IPA. Shoalie pours a beautiful golden orange with a thick white head. A sweet, floral, and resinous aroma paves the way for more of the same on the flavor. It’s a nice mix of citrus and pine with a considerable malt base.

Walkers Station Stout

Pretoria Fields

The presence of flaked oat gives Walkers Station its creamy mouthfeel. A bit on the dry side, hints of dark chocolate and toffee add complexity to this solid stout.

Flowing Well Gose

Pretoria Fields

Refreshment is key on hot summer days in the south. With low alcohol by volume percentage and a bright, bouncing carbonation profile, Flowing Well is perfectly suited for thirst quenching. Sea salt and coriander seeds dress up the malted wheat base for a perfect warm weather beer.

Skywater Golden Ale

Pretoria Fields

Crisp and smooth, Skywater is an extremely versatile beer. It’s ideal for a post-workout cooldown, relaxing with friends at baseball games or any time you want a good, easy drinking brew.

Visits to the tasting room promise samples of these beers as well as limited seasonal offerings. While there, you can also get a tour of the brewery, play games, and maybe catch some live music. Learn more at

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