Brooklyn Brew Shop Offers Pint-Size Beer Making Kits for Small Kitchens

The obstacles of brewing your own beer at home can be high. Not only does a new home brewer have the cost of start-up equipment and ingredients, there is also the investment of time. For many would-be home brewers, the hardest element to acquire is the physical space necessary to house all of the gear.

Recent entries in the brewing appliance category have definitely reduced the physical footprint needed to homebrew. But if you’re interested in the more traditional, manual brewing arts, you still need plenty of room to ferment and store your equipment and final product.

brooklyn brew shop kit
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Brooklyn Brew Shop heard the pain of apartment dwellers and downsizers, and came up with a delightful solution. Through the shop’s online website — and numerous retailers like Amazon, Macy’s, and Williams-Sonoma — you can purchase one-gallon brewing kits that include everything you need to get started in a space-saving package. While most beginning brewer kits service five gallons or more, these relatively tiny starter packs can find a place in even the tightest of kitchens.

The one-gallon boxes retail for around $40 each and include a glass fermenter, a thermometer, vinyl tubing, a racking cane, airlock, cleaner, and a stopper. These packages also include a recipe kit featuring crushed grains, hops, yeast, and any required additives. The only things you’ll need to provide are your own brewing pot, bottles, and caps.

brooklyn brew shop kit ingredients

There are a wide variety of recipes available in the starter packs, from the ever popular India Pale Ale style to pumpkin beers and oatmeal stouts. There are even master brewer kits where the recipes are provided from established craft breweries like Evil Twin and Stillwater Artisanal Ales. After brewing your initial batch, you can return to the Brooklyn Brew Shop website to order additional recipe packs, which are economically priced at $15 each. Need a break from beer? Brooklyn Brew Shop also sells cider and sparkling wine kits and ingredient packages.

A one-gallon Brooklyn Brew Shop beer making kit is the perfect way to introduce a friend to home brewing or fill the needs of those with limited space.

Feature image courtesy of Brooklyn Brew Shop/Instagram.

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