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Your Guide to the Best Breweries in Savannah, Georgia

In the South, some cities are known for their abundant brewery options, including Greenville, South Carolina and Asheville, North Carolina. In fact, you can even take a two-day tour of both cities’ breweries. Though Savannah, Georgia might not be the first brewery town to come to mind, the brewery scene within the coastal city has quickly expanded. Whether you’re looking for a great place to relax at the end of a long day with an excellent craft brew or you’re simply looking for an alternative to River Street bars, these six breweries are well worth the visit. Though each offers its own distinct atmosphere, all of these Savannah breweries make top-notch craft brews.

Hop Atomica


Hop Atomica is the trendiest brewery in Savannah at the moment. July 10th marks the one-year anniversary since this stylish minimalist watering hole opened last year. From the light and airy space to the creative brews themselves, this is a brewery that can easily become part of the weekly routine for locals. Though the bar does close relatively early, you can get a delicious array of brews with plates to match. The menu is always rotating, so visit often.

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Moon River Brewing Company

Historic District

moon river brewing savannah
Lee Heidel/The Manual

Moon River Brewing Company is actually a brewpub, but the brews and bites are well worth the visit. Not to mention, if you have a group of people who don’t all want to visit a brewery, this is a wonderful compromise. There’s a wealth of outdoor seating under the shade of a pergola and plenty of plants to make the space feel homey, too. Visit between 4:00 and 7:00 p.m. for happy hour or to while away a sunny afternoon.

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Southbound Brewing Company

West Side of Historic District

southbound brewing company savannahAn eclectic joint, Southbound Brewing Company feels like your favorite dive with an industrial spin. Choose from six brews and take a tour if you’d like as well. The brewery is a great event space that often holds fun gatherings ranging from live music to yoga. Even if you cannot make one of their fun events, don’t visit without trying the Hoplin’ IPA, though. The laid-back space is an easy place to unwind over the weekend.

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Coastal Empire Beer Company

West Side of Midtown District

coastal empire beer co savannahCoastal Empire Beer Company is an award-winning brewery that offers some rather interesting southern-inspired brews. One of the four beers available year-round, Southern Delight Praline Amber, is actually made with Georgia pecans and Madagascar vanilla. You’ll definitely want to visit this no-frills joint for the beer rather than the atmosphere, but it certainly isn’t one to pass over. Be sure to buy a six-pack or two to take home, too.

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Service Brewing Company

Outside North Historic District

service brewing company savannahAs you may have guessed from this brewery’s name, Service Brewing Company is owned and operated by veterans. The entire place is military themed right down to the names of the beers, but they don’t skip on good design either. You’ll find a great selection of beer styles that are all made using local ingredients, many of which come straight from Georgia’s farmlands. It’s certainly a brewery that you can feel good about supporting.

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Two Tides Brewing Company

Starland District

two tides brewing company savannah
Two Tides Brewing Company

If you like your brews with a side of heady art, then Two Tides Brewing Company is the ultra-trendy place for you. Many of the designs come from a local artist, and the beers are just as creative. You can find everything from a thick, luxurious stout to a fruit-forward session beer. Settle into the light-filled minimalist space and order a flight to try several of the notable brewery’s craft brews. The hip and design-forward space will provide you with the perfect background to earn several cool points.

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