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Shinola Launches The Runwell Turntable for True Audiophiles

Detroit-based Shinola is known for high-end watches, bicycles, and other goods made with unparalleled quality.

They’re taking that craftsmanship up another notch with their first foray into music, launching the Shinola Runwell turntable later this month.

The company’s audio team, led by veteran engineer and Audeze founder Alex Rosson, spent the last year developing the record player between New Jersey and the company’s headquarters in New York. To get the precision and assembly of the piece just right, Shinola partnered with pro player producer VPI and their 40 years in the turntable business.

VPI founder Harry Weisfeld and son, Mat, partnered with Rosson on the entire production process – from start to finish. The entire player is made in America; the aluminum components are from New Jersey and the circuit boards were built in Los Angeles.

The Runwell is a two-speed, belt-driven player with an integrated phono preamplifier and an Ortofon 2M blue phono cartridge (similar to another handsome turntable released last week).

Its design pays tribute to the musical history of Detroit and the modern America aesthetic Shinola is known for. Clean lines and solid materials make it an easy choice as a standout piece for a living room or media center.

“Our goal was to marry the Shinola visual ethos with an incredible sounding, state of the art analog product,” Shinola founder Tom Kartsotis said in a statement. “It had to be substantive and beautiful, set the right tone for our foray into audio and show the special connection Detroit has to music.”

Initially, The Runwell will be limited to 500 pieces. They’ll be available November 21 on Shinola’s Audio page, in their brick-and-mortar stores, and select hi-fi outlets across the country. To further upgrade the experience, the player can be paired with bookshelf speakers that will go on sale the same day. At $2,500, you’ll pay a pretty penny, but can rest assured that you’ll have the definitive vinyl playback machine.

Geoff Nudelman
Former Digital Trends Contributor
Geoff is a former contributor to The Manual. He's a native Oregonian who’s always up for a good challenge and a great hike…
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