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Tabitha Britt

Tabitha Britt

Freelance Writer

Tabitha Britt is a freelance writer, editor, SEO & content strategist. She has a Master's degree in Creative Publishing and Critical Journalism from The New School of Social Research and is a grad of Sextech School. You can find her byline in various online pubs, including National GeographicInsiderMedical News Today, and others.

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man lifting weights

How to do a dumbbell pullover: Everything you need to know

The dumbbell pullover is an oldie but goodie. It’s versatile and effective, and if done right, will give you a chest and back that’ll turn heads.
golfer giving fist pump

These are the best golf apps to improve your game

From free basic trackers to advanced paid apps with comprehensive features. Here are our picks for the best golf apps to improve your game.
man jogging in colorful shoes

Level up leg day with calf raises: Everything you need to know

Calf raises might seem basic, but this movement effectively targets the muscles responsible for ankle stability and powerful movements like jumping and running.
blonde-haired man doing a hack squat on a hack squat machine

How to do a hack squat: Tips, tricks, and advice from the experts

This guide breaks down everything you need to know about the hack squat, from benefits to step-by-step instructions for both machine and barbell variations.
muscular man deadlifting barbell in gym

Perfect your Romanian deadlift form with these tips

Here's everything you need to know to perfect your Romanian deadlift form to maximize your gains and avoid injuries.
Centr resistance bands

Anyone can do Chris Hemsworth’s 15-minute resistance band workout

Burn calories, build muscle, and get fit with this 15-minute resistance band workout by Chris Hemsworth.
Benjamin Franklin's letter

A Benjamin Franklin letter with an unusual history is up for sale — for $120,000

A letter penned by Benjamin Franklin himself is currently up for sale, and its story is as fascinating as the Founding Father who wrote it.
man doing skincare

A new study suggests the secret to your skincare routine is… strength training?

Strength training could actually be more effective in reducing signs of aging than cardio, especially for your skin.
A man and woman laughing after a workout

Do men or women benefit more from exercise? The answer may surprise you

New research suggests that women may benefit more from physical activity than men, especially in terms of reducing cardiovascular and all-cause mortality risk.
a lineup of garmin watches

There’s a new Garmin watch that’s perfect for beginner runners

This new addition to Garmin's Forerunner line is affordable and features advanced fitness metrics, wellness data, and built-in GPS tracking.
Wahoo KICKR CORE Zwift One

Wahoo and Zwift team up to challenge Peloton for at-home biking workout supremacy

Zwift and Wahoo are teaming up to challenge Peloton with the hope premium equipment pushes them over the top.
Jeremy Allen White Calvin Klein ad

Jeremy Allen White is hot right now – thanks to calisthenics

Jeremy Allen White is all over the place thanks to his new Calvin Klein ads, and it seems calisthenics is to thank for his new physique.
Stanley bottle against gray background

The Stanley Tumbler is hot right now, but the classic Stanley Bottle is much cooler

Everyone is going nuts over the Stanley Tumbler, but we prefer the original Stanley Bottle - here's why.
G-shock rangeman

This popular G-SHOCK watch will now come with a ton of health & fitness features

If you love G-shock watches, you'll love the health and fitness additions to the Rangeman.
Man wearing resistance band on his ankle in blue tennis shoes

Resistance band workouts: Strengthen your core with these 4 workouts

Looking to strengthen and tone your core? These resistance band workouts will help you get the job done.
man doing calisthenics workout outside

Calisthenics 101: How to build muscle and tone quickly with these 5 bodyweight exercises

Calisthenics is your ticket to sculpting muscle with nothing but the ground beneath your feet and the weight of your own body.
Confused African guy holding smart phone feels concerned thinking over received message.

Zelle scams have long been a problem, but there’s now good news for payment app users

Payment apps are convenient until you get scammed. Zelle is now reimbursing users who have been victims of fraud.
Apple journal app against blue background

Apple’s new journaling app is here, and it’s great, but we have one major problem with it

Journaling can help with stress and mindfulness, and Apple's new Journal app might be your best shot.
Jeff Bezos

Jeff Bezos’ fitness routine is actually pretty easy to copy (no celebrity trainers required)

Jeff Bezos is pretty committed to his health and wellness. Here's how the billionaire stays fit.
Man Using Outfit for Exercising Core Indoors

Core workouts guide: 5 effective exercises for anyone who hates sit-ups

Forget awkward pretzel crunches! Tonal coach Landicho recommends alternative core exercises that are just as effective, if not more so.
Man hunched over with a cold

Creatine: a secret weapon against the cold and flu? Here’s what the experts say

Bodybuilders swear by creatine, but can it also help boost your immune system? Experts tell all.
magic spoon cereal on a blue background

Instagram’s hottest new cereal is actually packed with protein

Does Intagram have you wanting to try Magic Spoon cereal? Here's why you should.
Man in ice water smiling with a beanie on his head

Can dousing yourself in an ice bath really improve your mood? These researchers think so

Are there benefits of adding a cold plunge to your routine? Here's what science says.
passport and vintage camera on a world map

How to get a passport: This company acts as your concierge and eliminates travel stress

Most people don't have a passport — and delays are worse than ever this year. If you want to know how to get a passport faster, try this service.
Man hitting a golf ball behind a bag of clubs

Golf Pride reintroduces fan-favorite V55 Heritage grip in corded and rubber for a limited time

One of the most iconic golf grips ever, the Golf Pride V55 Heritage, is coming back — for a limited time — and only through Golf Pride.
a bowl of oatmeal with a grilled pear

Oatmeal is the secret to better sleep (and you’re going to love this hack)

There are many benefits of oatmeal, but some of the biggest are melatonin and magnesium for sleep.
man holding weights outside

New study says this is the best time of day to exercise if you want to lose weight

Do you have a preference for a nighttime or morning workout? A new study suggests that could affect weight loss.
Tea kettle and a cup of green tea

How to increase metabolism: This Japanese technique is simple and effective

Want to activate your metabolism? This is why you should drink green tea.
Man working on his abs

Why you might never get 6-pack abs

We'll explain why you might never see a defined 6-pack on your abdomen and how to set achievable goals for your fitness journey.
Man holding headphones

This is how long it takes to learn another language (and you might be surprised which languages are easiest for English speakers)

Here's a breakdown of how long it might take you, per the Foreign Service Institute (FSI) — the training academy for U.S. diplomats.
Blue apron food box

Meal-kit maker Blue Apron to be sold — This is what that means for you

Blue Apron, the original meal kit service, is getting bought out by Wonder Group, a food delivery startup founded by Marc Lore, a former Walmart and Jet exec.
person showing pair of blue-and-white running shoes

This A.I. tool might make Pickleball players better, faster (but not stronger)

The AI tool is designed to assist players in analyzing their gameplay and providing valuable insights for improvement.
A stack of books with headphones on either side

You can now get 5,000 free audiobooks — and they use your own A.I.-generated voice

Researchers are now using synthetic text-to-speech technology to transform eBooks into audiobooks.
Mas staring to the left

Mewing is a new craze that promises a more chiseled jawline — but does it work?

This article explains what mewing is, how to do it, and provides some insight into whether or not it's effective in helping you achieve a more chiseled jawline.
Red vein kratom leaves with a flower

What is Kratom? Everything you need to know

Ever wondered just what Kratom is, or why people use it? We tell you everything you need to know.
Chicken breast and broccoli

What UFC champions Sean O’Malley and Aljamain Sterling eat while cutting weight in fight week

In this article, we get into the specifics to give you a rundown of what O'Malley and Sterling eat while cutting weight in fight week.
Man running on a treadmill

Relying on gym equipment for weight loss data? Study says ‘fat burning zone’ recommendations may be totally wrong

Are you relying on gym equipment for weight loss metrics? The "fat burning zone" isn't always the best way to lose weight.
sports powder

What is creatine? Bodybuilders swear by it, but should you use it?

Whether you're a seasoned lifter or just starting out, this article will give you the lowdown on creatine and help you decide if it's right for you.
Clear glass scale with blue measuring tape

The CDC released a BMI chart showing the average for men in every age category

Want to know the average BMI for men in every category? The CDC released its findings, and the results might surprise you.
Man drinking water in the sunlight

More than just Gatorade: Replenish your electrolytes with these healthy foods

In this article, we'll cover the best natural sources of electrolytes, like fruits, vegetables, dairy products, nuts, and seeds.
Man in a red shirt with his hand on his head

The states where people get the most (and least) sleep

Amerisleep ranks the most and least sleep-deprived states in the U.S. based on search volume of sleep-related terms.
Man rubbing his right shoulder with a Therabody RecoveryTherm Cube

Theragun maker Therabody introduces new RecoveryTherm Cube for targeted recovery and pain management

Therabody, known for the Theragun, has a new product aimed at targeted hot and cold therapy.