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Wahoo and Zwift team up to challenge Peloton for at-home biking workout supremacy

Zwift, Wahoo, and premium equipment may topple Peloton

Wahoo KICKR CORE Zwift One
Wahoo / Zwift / Wahoo / Zwift

If you’re a Peloton fan but not willing to shell out thousands of dollars for a high-end bike, a new, more affordable alternative is now available thanks to Zwift (an online fitness platform) and (a leader in fitness tech).

Together, these companies created something entirely different from the traditional Peloton experience. Enter the Wahoo KICKR CORE Zwift One (a mouthful, we know).

Wahoo KICKR CORE Zwift One against an orange background
Wahoo / Zwift / Wahoo / Zwift

What is the Wahoo KICKR CORE Zwift One?

Unlike the Peloton, the Wahoo KICKR CORE Zwift One isn’t a stationary bike but a smart trainer that you can attach to your own bike. It’s compatible with 8- to 12-speed bikes and offers a realistic indoor cycling experience.

At first glance, this contraption looks a little odd. But when broken down, you’ll notice that it includes the for virtual shifting capabilities (there are 24 virtual gears). It’s also ready to ride right out of the box, with easy setup and connectivity to the Zwift platform.

According to the press release, the Wahoo KICKR CORE Zwift One is available in the U.S., U.K., and European Union for $599/£549/€599 and includes a one-year Zwift membership. Residents of Australia and Canada will be able to purchase the Wahoo KICKR CORE Zwift One via the Wahoo Fitness website in late March.

Zwift click cog on handle bars
Wahoo / Zwift / Wahoo / Zwift

Peloton vs. Wahoo KICKR CORE Zwift One

The Wahoo KICKR CORE Zwift One isn’t a stationary bike like the Peloton but rather a smart trainer that allows you to use your own bike for an immersive indoor cycling experience. You can check the Wahoo Fitness compatibility chart to see if your bike is compatible.

It’s ideal for cyclists who prefer the comfort and familiarity of their own bike but still want the benefits of an at-home cycling workout. (It’s safer to cycle inside during the winter.)

With the , which is free for one year with the purchase of the Wahoo KICKR CORE Zwift One, you can access a variety of virtual cycling routes, group rides, and races, as well as training plans and workouts designed by professional coaches. And, if you’re into gaming, Zwift has a beta product called the (not included with purchase) that transforms your indoor cycling experience into a virtual game where you can test your skills and race against the clock.

By combining the Wahoo KICKR CORE smart trainer with the Zwift online training platform, you now have a more affordable alternative to Peloton for your at-home biking workouts.

Tabitha Britt
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