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The 10 Best Planners To Achieve Your Goals for 2021

2020 was undoubtedly a rocky year, with most of us itching to “reset” our lives for the new year. On the bright side, 2021 marks the beginning of new life, giving us ample time to seize opportunities, explore unknown territories, achieve our goals, and learn from our mistakes. The best way to create a daily schedule or record your personal or professional growth is through a planner. 

Planners come in different sizes and designs to complement your personality. Prioritizing aesthetics is okay, but planners should help you stay organized and focused. Most of all, they should not be too costly as you will get another one the following year. To get you started, we’ve rounded some of the most stylish and cost-effective planners for every type of person to jumpstart your 2021.

Best Overall: The High Performance Planner Diary By Brendon Burchard

The High Performance Planner Diary By Brendon Burchard

For those who need a helping hand in organizing their daily schedule and magnifying their performance output, The High Performance Planner was designed by the world’s best performance life coach, Brendon Burchard, to do just that. Burchard constructed this 60-day planner with morning and afternoon journal prompts in order to help you install healthy habits on a personal and professional level, as well as monthly pages to assess your long-term goals. It’s offered in six different colorways, too, for added personalization. The only downside is the small yearly coverage, which means you’ll have to snag a couple of them to experience a year’s worth of planning.

Best Student Planner: Full Focus Planner

Full Focus offers a planner that’s built fora student’s busy schedule whether they are in high school or college. Crafted out of beautiful European bonded leather, the Student Planner features annual goal templates, weekly preview pages to plan ahead, and daily pages to track your plans goals so all you have to focus on is attaining them. It’s a great tool for young adults looking to organize and grow in their school or profession. It’s designed to help narrow the scope of your lists without overwhelming your timetable so you can maximize your time on a day-to-day basis.

Best Modern Planner: Maalbok Monthly Planner

Maalbok 2021 Monthly Planner

Don’t like flashy designs on planners? We suggest Maalbok’s professional-looking monthly planner, with its soft leather cover evoking a modern, posh feel. Ideal for long-term planning or goal-setting on your professional endeavors, the planner’s monthly calendar covers two pages, giving you enough room to write your day-to-day schedule. What’s cool about this planner is it has a holidays page and password pages— just make sure it does not fall into the wrong hands.

Best Earth-Friendly Planner: Power Place Daily Planner

Power Place Daily Planner

“Unleash the power of your goals,” Power Place says. If you are an ambitious professional who keeps track of your personal development, then Power Place’s daily planner is best for you as it includes a monthly calendar, a yearly goals chart, a contacts list, and more useful features that will push you to be your best self every day. The daily planner is manufactured from environment-friendly materials, making it the perfect planner for highly driven individuals who care not only about their ambitions but also for the planet.

Best Daily Planner: Moleskine 12-Month Daily Planner

Moleskine 12 Month 2021 Monthly Planner

Offering a wide range of durable 12-month organizers, Moleskine has been one of the best planner producers in the game for quite some time. The brand’s planners come in an array of colorways and themes, but what Moleskine does best is give you options that cater to your personal needs, such as a vertical or horizontal layout, different sizes, and your choice of a soft or hard cover. We love the hardcover horizontal planner because it gives you just enough space to take down the essentials without overwhelming your workload. Other details include non-bleed, high-quality paper, a color-coordinated elastic band, and a matching ribbon bookmark to make sure you’re always organized and on-track.

Best Minimalist Planner: Lemome 2021 Planner

Lemome Weekly & Monthly Planner

Lemome offers the bread and butter of planners, if you will. Not only does it feature weekly and monthly calendars to put your goals in perspective, but this specific 2021 planner also supplies 88 note pages, a list of holidays, calendar stickers for easy maneuvering, and a whole lot more to successfully get you through the year. Other highlights include a durable faux leather hardcover, an inner pocket pouch, a pen holder, and thick environmentally friendly paper to make sure no plans bleed into the next week.

Best Science-Backed Planner: Panda Planner Pro

panda planner pro

The Panda Planner Pro is another yearly planner that utilizes science. The goal? To provide you with the resources you require for performing at a high level by keeping your work and life balance under wraps. By approaching each day with a goal, prioritizing that goal, and holding yourself accountable by reviewing your progress at the end of the day, the Panda Planner is one of the best planners because it’s built on positive psychology, which is half the battle when trying to accomplish something. We also really enjoy the planner’s sleek design, which is crafted entirely out of eco-friendly materials.

Best Digital Planner: Rocketbook Panda Planner

Rocketbook Panda Planner

Founded by Joe Lemay, Rocketbook is an ambitious brand that juxtaposes traditional notetaking and digitization with its cost-effective, sustainable products. Rocketbook collaborated with Panda Planner to bring you the Rocketbook Panda Planner, which includes reusable daily, monthly, and weekly planning templates to help you keep track of your schedule and plans. Bundled with a microfiber cloth, pencils and pens become unnecessary as you can use highlighters, markers, or a Pilot FriXion pen to write on the planner’s synthetic paper. This innovative, environment-friendly feature helps you save money and space, eliminating the need to purchase another planner. Moreover, the Rocketbook app scans and saves your writings to the cloud, allowing you to leverage the power of handwriting and technology for your personal development.

Best Undated Planner: Clever Fox Planner Premium Edition

Clever Fox Planner Premium Edition

Consisting of only 11 people, Clever Fox is a brand dedicated to making everyone’s lives more fulfilling and productive. That being said, Clever Fox has launched an improved premium version of its planner, with a simple layout for a sleeker appearance and more space for you to write down your tasks and errands, helping you stay focused on your short-term and long-term goals. It comes with an illustrated step-by-step guide and six sheets of planner stickers to get you started on your journey. This planner is also undated, so you can use it anytime you want without worrying about documenting your achievements on an outdated planner (yikes!).

Best Customizable Planner: Golden Coil Customizable Planner

Golden Coil Customizable Planner

Golden Coil is the brainchild of sisters Trisha and Michelle, who were looking for a Mother’s Day gift for their mother. The duo planned to give their mom a planner, only to realize that the perfect planner would be something customizable. Hence, we recommend trying Golden Coil’s customizable planner if you’re tired of seeing planners that do not cater to your needs. Available in linen and faux leather covers, you can choose between a daily, weekly, or monthly layout for your personalized planner — including insert pages for meal planning, budgeting, etc. These features make it a versatile planner for diligent individuals. We love that Golden Coil’s personalized planner gives us the option to include motivational quotes, self-care challenges, and other perks to keep us pumped up throughout the year.

$65 on Golden Coil

Why should you use a planner?

Using a planner may be too old-school since you can type everything on a computer but working on paper has its benefits. For example, studies show that we retain more information if we write them down. Writing helps you take control of your journey, and it’s also a therapeutic activity that will motivate you to take a digital detox. If this piques your interest, be sure to check out our best notebooks for putting pen to paper.

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