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Rande Gerber Designed The Only Sweatpants You Need for Winter 2022

Casa Pant Lifestyle image

Every man needs a good pair of sweatpants for the winter. Who better to design the perfect pair than Rande Gerber, Founder of Casamigos Tequila and husband to the iconic supermodel Cindy Crawford.

Gerber paired up with Bleusalt, a California-based line of sustainable and elevated basics, to engineer “The Casa Pant.” While Bleusalt’s line is always season-less, we can’t help but feel especially giddy The Casa Pant launched in time for sweatpants season. There’s even a gray colorway— nudge, nudge.

What makes The Casa Pant so perfect is that it’s designed for multi-purpose use — and we’re not talking moving from the couch to the kitchen. This is an ultra-comfortable sweat that you won’t need to change out of when leaving the house. Better yet, the fabric is sustainable. Bleusalt used an ultra-soft fabric that is 100% sustainable and antimicrobial, derived from the beech tree. The natural fibers are 95% beechwood, 5% Spandex, breathable and machine washable (cha-ching). Plus, all Bleusalt products are all made in the USA. The Casa Pant ($185) is sold exclusively on in black, navy, and dark gray colorways.

Basically, our prayers have been answered.

The Manual sat down with Gerber to talk about the ultra-comfortable and ultra-cool design and why it’s finally acceptable to leave the house wearing sweatpants.

Rande Gerber

The Manual: Why call them “The Casa Pant?” Are they strictly for staying in the casa?

Rande Gerber: It was a nod to Casamigos as well as being the house pant you can leave home in.

TM: How do you go from designing tequila to sweats — two of our favorite things.

RG: I’ve always been interested in all types of design. Whether it’s architecture, furniture, clothing, or my Casamigos bottles. I guess I’m kind of a design junkie. My knowledge and background in tequila were learned by always wanting the best and never settling for anything less.

TM: So it’s official: Men can leave the house in sweats and look good?

RG: I designed my pant to be more fitted so they don’t look like your typical baggy sweatpants, and I added a little more material where necessary so you can go out in them.

TM: How’d the collab come about with Bleusalt?

RG: We’ve known Lyndie for a long time and knew that the quality was going to be beautiful and comfortable. I enjoy collaborating with brands like Bleusalt that are local and have a strong design vision behind it. For The Casa Pant, I was jealous that Cindy and Kaia [as in Cyndy Crawford and their daughter and now it-girl model Kaia Gerber] got to design their own so I asked Lyndie if I could, and fortunately, she said yes.

TM: What’s the perfect setting to throw on The Casa Pant?

RG: I wanted to design a pant that was super comfortable, that I didn’t have to change out of when I left the house. The Casa Pant is perfect for both.

TM: Give us a full outfit; what pairs with The Casa?

RG: My sense of style is mostly casual, at times elegant but always casual elegance. My go-to outfit with this pant is a T-shirt, polo or sweatshirt, and sneakers.

Bluesalt The Casa Pant

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