9 Porsche Products You Need (Even If You Don’t Have a Porsche Yet)

So, you’re not at the point where you can splurge on a 2020 Porsche Taycan or mint-condition vintage 911. You’ll get there. In the meantime, show your support for the Württemberg Coat of Arms (Porsche’s official logo) and buy yourself all the Porsche-themed goodies to equip your home, office, and loved ones in high-performance style. Because a coffee mug is better when it’s a Porsche coffee mug.

We’re adding these nine Porsche-themed items to our cart right now.

Porsche Crest Mug – $34
porsche mug

We bought this small coffee cup for our father a couple years ago and the man protects it like a Fabergé Egg. Starting your morning with Porsche sets the tone for an elevated, sophisticated, yet badass day. (Porsche is a mentality!) Made in Germany, this porcelain mug is smaller than the oversized coffee jugs most places call coffee cups and the modest size is absolutely perfect — not too much or too little. The design is plain white with the Coat of Arms and a gold lining around the rim.

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Collector’s T-shirt Edition No. 7 – $87
Porsche Collector’s T-shirt edition no. 7 – Classic – limited edition

Add a gift for your S.O. to the cart with this limited-edition, super-soft T-shirt printed with an understated but cool Legends 1963 Porsche sketch. The neutral beige tee is made of 100-percent cotton and the fit is unisex.

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Multifunction Bag – PTS Ultralight – $158
Porsche Multifunction bag

While Porsche does sell epic multi-wheel luggage bags for over $1,000, we think the Multifunction PTS Ultralight does the job of quick travel jaunts and city breaks in Paris, London, or New York. Plus, it looks cool as hell and is ultralight (hence the name). The solid-wall bag is produced by premium German luggage company Rimowa and is stamped with the handsome Porsche signature. Plus, your luggage ought to be on the smaller size if you expect it to fit in the trunk of your Porsche.

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Limited Edition Classic Chronograph Watch – $967
Porsche Classic Chronograph Watch

With only 1,948 units made (and numbered on the timepiece), this dapper Swiss-made watch will let every man, woman, and child know you’re stylish, stately, and classic. The design was inspired by the instruments of historic Porsche cars and made with a waterproof casing, toughened stainless steel, a metal dial featuring the historic Porsche logo, and an anti-reflection coating. The cognac leather strap closes with a pin buckle. You could gift this piece to yourself, your father, or your grandfather and it would be cherished — a design feat not easily achieved. Note: Since stock is limited, you have to call your nearest Porsche Center for order details and stock.

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Motorsports Bear – $112
Porsche Motorsport Bear

Screw the other kids’ stuffed animals, get your little munchkin a Porsche bear and make sure their first words are Por-sha (the correct pronunciation), Carrera, and Spyder. The bear (suitable for ages three and older) sports a race suit, hat, and racing pass.

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Men’s Jacket – $449
Porsche Men’s jacket – Classic

It’s one thing to wear a corny red Ferrari racing jacket that quickly sends the message: This guy so does not own a Ferrari. It’s another to wear a navy blue, classically tailored quilted jacket subtly bearing the Porsche emblem. The latter says: This guy knows style and isn’t trying too hard (who cares if he owns a Porsche or not!) This Porsche jacket is relaxed yet gentlemanly and was designed in a collection that sought to commemorate 1963 Porsche 911 legends (being both elegant and sporty). The jacket is imported from Europe and therefore has a European fit, so if you’re ordering in the U.S., order one size smaller than usual (i.e. mediums size down to small).

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RS 2.7 Collection Beach Towel – $100
RS 2.7 Collection Beach Towel

Before you think a bill is too much to pay for a beach towel, take a look through your ratty, cheesy collection and make up your mind to raise the standard. This cozy towel is understated yet bold in its simplicity, made of 100-percent cotton terry fabric with a selvage edge that prevents it from unraveling. The iconic RS 2.7 grille badge is stamped in the corner and attached cords allow you to easily hang up the towel to dry and roll it up for transport. The grey-blue Porsche logo stamps the center.

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Men’s Leather Gloves – $186
porsche mens leather gloves

Only the most cavalier of men own driving gloves (nudge, nudge). With perforations that cover the back of the hands, smooth leather on the palms, and knuckle cut-outs, we really don’t care if we’re driving a 935 Clubsport or a tricycle. These gloves make you feel badass. The 100-percent lambskin leather is jotted with antique brass buttons and the sleek Porsche logo. Even the box they arrive in is too nice to throw away.

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Masterpieces Collection Office Chair – Price Upon Request
porsche office chair

If you can’t call a Porsche your office-space like racing driver Andre Lotterer, bring the seat to your day job with this 911 sports seat. Because we can dream can’t we? Embossed on the headrest with the Porsche crest, this office chair comes in 112 possible color combinations (although we’re suckers for the clean and classic). Ordered on demand, expect it to take around three months for your chair to be made.

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Once your basket is full, select your closest Porsche Center for delivery and pick-up.


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