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The 22 Best Travel Gifts for Men

Gift shopping for the traveler in your life, especially the one who’s seen and done it all, can be a challenge. With new gadgets and gear hitting the market every week, it’s hard to know what they’ll love and what might miss the mark. Ideally, you want to buy something they’ll use both while traveling and at home. If you’re looking to think outside the (subscription) box for some unique, legitimately useful gifts, check out these suggestions for the globetrotting adventurer in your life.

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Water Bottle

Hydro Flask 24-Ounce Standard Mouth Insulated Water Bottle

No man should ever be far from reliable hydration. This is doubly true for travelers. Long days spent in airports and in-flight can wreak havoc on the body. Help keep the traveler in your life well-hydrated with a handsome, insulated water bottle from Hydro Flask. The 24-ounce Standard Mouth version is small enough to stash in a backpack or messenger bag, but large enough to hold half a day’s worth of water. We love the variety of available colors, plus the latest additions — Pineapple, Alpine, and Carnation — inject a bold pop of color into any carry-on kit.

Travel Organizer

Pro Packing Cubes

Do you ever notice your luggage getting bulkier and messier as the days go by during your travels? If this is a familiar scenario, gifting a travel organizer such as this quality packing cube set to a globetrotter can do wonders. These Pro Packing Cubes are lightweight and perfect for segregating different items inside the luggage. They can put their socks, undergarments, neckties, and more in separate cubes. The cubes make it easier to find items and reduce clutter which tends to make luggage heavier than it seems.

Map Poster

Earthabitats Scratch Off Map of The World

It is a must for a man who travels around the globe to have a world map placed on their wall. This map of the world by Earthabitats is no ordinary map where he uses thumbtacks or pins to mark the countries he visited. Instead, he can scratch off countries he has explored which makes it seem like a fun no-gamble lottery for every traveler. There’s no better way to show his great adventures than this world map that he can always look at and scratch off once he’s home.


Rainbow Men’s Sandals

Any traveler is bound to be walking for hours on end, and with that in mind, they need a sturdy pair of sandals. Give the adventurer in your life these Rainbow Sandals that seem to last forever. Although these sandals may seem expensive at first glance, they are worth the investment. Not only do they look stylish but they are also durable which makes them ideal for any trail he embarks in his travels.

Bluetooth Speaker

JBL Charge 3 Waterproof Portable Speaker

Moments of solitude while appreciating the view of a foreign place for the first time is made better with good music. A traveler can achieve this memorable experience with a portable Bluetooth speaker. There are many Bluetooth speakers in the market but one that stands out is the JBL Charge 3. This JBL speaker has amazing sound quality, a long battery life, and great value for its price. Its portable size also makes it perfect to bring during travels, and they can use it even when they’re in the comfort of their own home.

Carry-On Luggage

CHESTER Minima Carry-On Luggage

Every traveler needs good quality carry-on luggage. Checking in can be a hassle, and that’s why a carry-on comes in handy. With the CHESTER Carry-On Luggage, you get great storage capacity at a lightweight and portable size. This luggage has TSA approved exterior dimensions which make it suitable for cabins. Its hard shell is also durable which makes it last through constant use. If you want to give something useful and sleek, this minimalist luggage is a perfect choice.


Kindle Paperwhite

Bringing actual books while traveling is rarely a good idea because they take up so much space and weight. If the traveler in your life is a voracious reader, the best gift you can give them is a high-quality e-reader. The Kindle Paperwhite is one of the best-selling e-readers which makes it the ideal option. Your adventurous friend or loved one can keep a whole library inside their Kindle. Plus, it’s compact and easy to store which makes it a perfect travel companion.

Travel Camera

GoPro Hero7 Black

Traveling isn’t complete without capturing memories with a high-quality camera. The GoPro is a popular choice among travelers for its small size yet powerful features. Although the GoPro is at a higher price point, it makes up for it in quality. With the GoPro Hero7 Black, they can take 4K videos, amazing time-lapses, and wide-angle shots. It’s a must-have for every traveler as it can withstand any action that comes their way.


Wise Owl Outfitters Hammock

If your recipient fancies outdoor adventures, you can’t go wrong with giving them this travel hammock. The Wise Owl Outfitters Hammock is lightweight so they can easily bring it wherever they go. The hammock is also easy to set up for convenience. On top of that, they can make their own rest stop as they hike and chill by the hammock to catch a breather. Whether they want to set it up in the woods or a park, this hammock can keep up.

Portable Cocktail Kit

The Cocktail Box Co. Premium Cocktail Kit

This cocktail kit by The Cocktail Box Co. is perfect for anyone who is always on-the-go and traveling. With its compact carrying case, they can bring it anywhere and whip up cocktails in the comfort of their own hotel room. They can use various popular cocktail ingredients to create a refreshing drink. Not only is this a fun and unique present to give, but it’s also affordable which makes it a great option.


Ray-Ban Rb2132 New Wayfarer Sunglasses

Every traveling guy can go on an adventure in style with a pair of Ray-Ban’s. These classic sunglasses protect their eyes from harmful UV rays while giving them a clearer view, especially on a sunny afternoon. The durable frame also makes it suitable for wear and tear, these glasses are pricey but will surely last a lifetime.

Travel Dress Shirt

Mizzen+Main Dress Shirt

mizzen and main dress shirt holiday gift guide

Mizzen+Main is a performance menswear brand combining the comfort and flexibility of your favorite athletic wear with the fit and style of a custom dress shirt. With products that are designed to work as hard as you do, they breathe, stretch, wick away moisture, are machine washable, and require no ironing or dry cleaning.

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Ekster Vachetta Parliament Wallet

Ekster Vachetta Parliament Wallet

A wallet seems like a mundane dad gift in the same vein as an automatic tie rack or a golf-themed paperweight. However, the wallets from Ekster are anything but ordinary. For the man who travels, has money, and doesn’t want to lose it, they make damn near perfect gifts. Like most premium wallets, the Vachetta Parliament features a streamlined design to minimize typical wallet “bulk,” yet it’s capable of holding up to 10 cards plus a bit of cash. Unlike most any other wallet, however, it features an embedded tracker chip to ensure it’s almost impossible to lose. On a single, three-hour charge, the battery lasts up to three months, and it’s locatable anywhere on the globe via a worldwide lost & found platform.

Backup Battery

LifeProof Power Pack 10

LifeProof Power Pack 10

Every red-blooded male with a pulse and a passport travels with way too many gadgets these days. Most, however, are hip to the fact that a backup battery is a must. Give the gift of (almost) never-ending power with the LifeProof Power Pack 10 Qi Wireless Charger. The 10,000mAh power bank is beefy enough to recharge even the largest smartphones and tablets several times over. What truly sets it apart, however, is the built-in wireless Qi charging surface. Like almost every LifeProof product, it’s also waterproof, drop-proof, dirt-proof, and snow-proof so it’s built to survive any adventure. The built-in flashlight is a nice touch to boot.

Beard Care

The Art of Shaving Beard and Stubble Kit

The Art of Shaving Beard and Stubble Kit

A gentleman traveler refuses to neglect his daily grooming routine just because he’s away from home. New York’s The Art of Shaving has long been a mecca for facial hair connoisseurs. The brand’s Beard and Stubble Kit is a three-piece set designed to keep travelers’ beards looking fresh, soft, and well-tended. All three products — Stubble Balm, Peppermint Beard Wash, and Peppermint Beard Conditioner — rely on the highest-quality essential oils for a “fresh from the barber” look.


Leatherman Wave+ Multitool

Leatherman Wave+ Multitool

Travel long or far enough and something in your kit is guaranteed to need fixing. It could be a busted zipper, a wheel on your carry-on luggage, or protecting yourself against wolverines in the high Canadian Arctic. There’s just nothing better for solving any problem on the road than a proper multitool. The Leatherman Wave+ Multitool has everything you might need to get yourself unstuck from any situation. Pliers, knives, spring-action scissors, a bottle opener, a ruler, and several different files — the Wave+ combines them all into a single, compact tool. Just be sure to pack it in your checked bag.


Master & Dynamic MW07 Plus True Wireless Earphones

Master & Dynamic MW07 Plus True Wireless Earphones

Apple’s AirPods are cute, but the sophisticated traveler in your life deserves better. Master & Dynamic’s all-new MW07 Plus earphones take wireless audio to a whole new level with a design that’s thoroughly modern and luxurious. The earphones are available in Steel Blue, White Marble, and Tortoiseshell; all feature handcrafted acetate and a polished stainless steel charging case. They boast a bevy of high-tech upgrades, including IPX5 water resistance, Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity with a 100-foot connection range, and 40 total hours of battery life with the charging case (enough to survive a roundtrip journey on the world’s longest flight from Sydney to London). Twin noise-reduction microphones and 10mm, custom Beryllium drivers guarantee great sound as well.

Carry-On Backpack

Peak Design Travel Backpack 45L

Peak Design Travel Backpack 45L

Finding the perfect travel backpack is no small feat. After endless rounds of testing, the simply named Travel Backpack 45L from Peak Design continues to be our go-to for one-bag travel. Like every product in PD’s catalog, the Travel Backpack is handsome, durable, and versatile. It meets all international carry-on size requirements while expanding to a spacious 45 liters or compacting down to a day-bag-friendly 35 liters. Clever features include hide-away shoulder straps, magnetic catches, and 360-degree grab handles. It’s all wrapped in a recycled 400D nylon canvas shell that’s waterproof for go-anywhere travel.

Electric Toothbrush

Quip Electric Toothbrush

Quip Electric Toothbrush

Few things can make you feel human again after a long day (or three) on the road than brushing your teeth. Quip is unlike traditional electric toothbrushes because it’s lightweight, compact, and affordable. It’s waterproof, shower-safe, and packs down ridiculously small into its included travel cover that doubles as a suctioned mirror mount. Plus, it starts at just $25 — a fraction of the cost of its traditional brand-name competitors.

Travel T-Shirt

Aviator Air Dry Merino Wool Travel-T

When it comes to the best travel clothing and fabrics, smart travelers know merino wool is the only way to fly. The New Zealand-born material is soft, all-natural, quick-wicking, breathable, lightweight, wrinkle-resistant, and can be worn for days (even weeks) without washing. Of all the brands we’ve tested, Aviator’s Air Dry Merino Wool Travel-T is near-perfect in every way. Buy one in each of the three available colors, and you may never want or need to buy another travel T-shirt again.

Smartphone Lenses

Moment Smartphone Lenses

Moment Smartphone Lenses

Even ascetic monks Instagram their vacations these days (or so we’ve heard). The point is most travelers appreciate chronicling their travels in photos but loathe the bulk and price associated with a full-blown photography kit with a DSLR camera, a handful of lenses, and all the appropriate accessories and cables. The answer is Moment Smartphone Lenses. These ultra-compact, screw-on lenses are designed to make the average smartphone a much better camera. From wide-angle to macro to super fisheye to telephoto, there’s a lens to match every creative style.


Retina Creative City Light Maps

Displate City Light Maps

Sometimes the best travel gifts aren’t meant to travel. Displate’s City Light Maps depict the world’s greatest cities in stunning detail that literally glows. From afar, the one-of-a-kind artworks look like reference drawings from a digital biology textbook, while a close-up view reveals intricate neighborhood and street layouts unique to each city. They’re all printed on 3mm-thick durable metal that mounts to the wall with magnets (no tools required!).

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