Gifts for Travelers: 10 Under-$50 Goods for the Globetrotter

Forget the typical holiday gear guides that feature $400 travel espresso makers and Bluetooth-enabled luggage that sings to you. Here are ten legitimately useful gifts for travelers. The modern nomad in your life will thank you.

Fatigue Fighters To Go Set by Lab Series – $40

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Long-haul travel is brutal on both your mind and body. While most savvy travelers simply try to stay hydrated and well-rested, it’s essential to take care of your skin as well. Lab Series’ Fatigue Fighters To Go Set is a four-in-one skin-rescuing kit that’s perfect for travelers looking to purify and exfoliate after a long-day of breathing bone-dry, recycled airplane air. It features Lab Series’ Multi-Action Face Wash (30 ml), Future Rescue Repair Serum (6 ml), Age Rescue+ Water-Charged Gel Cream (15 ml), and Age Rescue+ Eye Therapy.

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Plane Tags Limited Edition Luggage Tags – $30-plus

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Everything that can be put on a luggage tag already has been at this point. So, if you want to tag your bags with something unique, Plane Tags is it. The limited edition identification tags are handcrafted from the skin of decommissioned aircraft just a few clicks south of LAX in El Segundo, California. Each tag features a one-of-a-kind serial number and details the model of plane from which it was taken. Aviation mainstays like the Boeing 747 and 757 are available, alongside more sought after, vintage aircraft like the B-1B Bomber and 1950s F-86 Sabre.

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S’well Insulated Water Bottle – $35-plus

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Save your scratch-and-dent Nalgene for the trail where it belongs. S’well’s beautifully designed water bottles boast an array of finishes from teak to stainless steel to faux stone. The insulated, BPA-free construction also helps keep your drink cold and a portion of every sale is donated to UNICEF to provide children around the globe with clean drinking water.

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Giant USA Beer Cap Map – $45

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Some folks travel for adventure, some to photograph wildlife, and some to chase the perfect beer. For the craft brew-loving road-tripper in your life, this USA Beer Cap Map is a great way to personally commemorate their brew-fueled travels.

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Herschel Key Chain Tile – $50

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Bluetooth-powered trackers like Tile ensure you needn’t ever lose anything again. Simply clip the tracker to whatever it is you value (but frequently lose) most — keys, your wallet, or your luggage — and you’ll always be able to find it in the last place you left it. Herschel’s Tile line wraps the ubiquitous trackers in a variety of handsome leather goods like this clip-anywhere key chain to ensure you’re always tracking in style.

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Trailfoody Gift Box Subscription – $20 per month

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We’re huge fans of the multitude of subscription box services now available. However, finding one that makes sense for the traveler in your life can prove challenging. Trailfoody is one such service that’s flown under the radar. The company’s monthly boxes feature healthy, organic, high-quality snacks (think: dried fruits, artisan jerky, energy bars, and trail mix) that are perfect for anyone frequently on-the-go. A one-month trial subscription is likely all your traveling friend or family member will need to get hooked.

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Meidong E6ANC Bluetooth Noise-canceling Headphones – $46

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When it comes to noise-canceling headphones, you typically get what you pay for — but that doesn’t mean you need to splash out on $200 over-the-ear cans to get some in-flight peace and quiet. The E6ANC Bluetooth Headphones from Meidong feature active noise-canceling technology and are among the best of their kind in the sub-$50 price range.

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Postcard Pack by Artifact Uprising – $30

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If your friend just returned from a bucket-list-worthy trip they won’t stop talking about, why not memorialize their favorite Instagram or Facebook snaps from the journey? Artifact Uprising’s Postcard Pack turns any 20 photos you choose into a bound, made-to-order booklet.

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Tesla Powerbank – $45

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Backup battery packs are required kit for any serious traveler these days. Why not opt for a pack designed by the same geniuses behind the Tesla Model S? The newly released Tesla Powerbank packs a 3,350mAh capacity into an ultra-compact shell. It features integrated USB, Apple Lightning, and detachable micro-USB cables so you can charge just about any modern smartphone.

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Trtl Neck Support Travel Pillow – $26

Most travel pillows are of the inflatable or U-shaped cushion variety. The former is usually as comfortable as resting your head on a pool float, while the latter is often too bulky for veteran travelers who prefer to travel light. The Trtl Neck Support Travel Pillow features an entirely unique design that’s made to support your head in a natural, comfortable position. It’s more like an ultra-soft nap “scarf” that folds down small when you want it out of the way.

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