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The 10 Best Travel Accessories for Long Flights in 2022

Without a doubt, taking a flight is still the most convenient mode of transportation, but modern air travel kind of sucks. On the list of humanity’s favorite pastimes, flying ranks just above listening to babies cry and just below eating a partially frozen chicken sandwich. Unfortunately, many flights feature both.

However, flying can be much less terrible if you’re prepared with the right gear. If you’re fortunate enough to sit in first class, you might get a complimentary amenity kit. For the rest of us, however, we need to make our own. So recline your seat, put your tray table down, and check out this list of the best air travel accessories for men to bring along.

The Craft Cocktail Kit

The Craft Cocktail Kit for an Old Fashioned.

No doubt, one of the best air travel accessories is booze. Thankfully, alcohol flows freely on most flights. But if you’re looking to take your sky-high drinking to the next level, that requires a proper cocktail “bar.” Each of these Craft Cocktail Kits includes all the accouterments for making one of three classic beverages: An old fashioned, a Moscow mule, or a margarita. Cane sugar, aromatic bitters, linen coasters, and muddling spoons are all in the tins. Just add liquor. They make a great travel gift and are even TSA-approved!

Apple AirTag

Apple Airtag front and back views.

If you tend to lose stuff easily or if you panic when something goes missing — or if you simply like to keep tabs on all your items — then Apple’s latest new product the AirTag, is a must-have travel accessory. Place them on everything from your keys to your backpack — and many other items — to see their location on your Find My network. We know all too well the anxiety that comes from the hustle and bustle of the airport. AirTags can help alleviate some of those feelings.

Sea to Summit Aeros Ultralight Traveler Pillow

Sea to Summit Aeros Ultralight Traveler Pillow.

One of the best travel accessories for long flights (and even domestic short hops) is a comfortable travel pillow. Sea to Summit’s Aeros Ultralight Traveler Pillow is plush, lightweight, and packs down to about the size of your palm. The soft fabric provides a perfect shelf for resting your face, while two oversized arms support your neck and head.

PediPocket Foot Blanket

A man wearing PediPocket Foot Blanket while watching his phone.

Airplanes are notoriously cold. First-class passengers get dibs on lavish extras like pillows and hand-sewn alpaca wool comforters. Economy class passengers, on the other hand, might get lucky and score a blanket — but it’ll probably be the size of a cocktail napkin and about as warm. The PediPocket Foot Blanket is a plush, velvety fleece blanket with a patented, 20-inch deep foot box to keep your extremities and much of the rest of you nice and toasty. At nearly 6 feet tall, it’ll accommodate all but the tallest air travelers. Plus, it’s machine washable and dryer-friendly, so you can give it a deep clean once you return home.

Omnicharge Omni Ultimate

An Omnicharge Omni Ultimate portable battery charger.

The only thing just as — if not more — essential as booze for air travel is making sure you never run out of juice for your devices. Omnicharge’s Omni Ultimate is the largest approved external battery allowed by airlines. With a whopping 142Wh of power on tap, you can keep your smartphone, tablet, digital camera, and even a MacBook topped up en route. For mobile photographers and videographers, it’ll even charge the best GoPro accessories for travel. Plus, the swappable battery means you can take along extra juice for those really, really long travel days.

Hydro Flask Water Bottle

Blue Hydro Flask on a white backdrop.

Airlines have slowly been nixing amenities for air travelers for years. On some hardcore budget airlines, you’ll even pay for bottled water. Come prepared with your own and stay hydrated over those long travel days. Hydro Flask’s line of water bottles offers a size, style, and design for just about everyone. Splurge on one of the brand’s best insulated water bottles to keep your beverage of choice chilled all day long. The 21-ounce Standard Mouth Water Bottle is durable and compact but large enough to ensure you always have plenty of refreshment on hand.

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Aesop Departure Skincare Travel Kit

Aesop Departure Travel Kit.

Few things are more brutal on your skin than air travel. Leave the discount moisturizer at home, and come prepared for your next flight with a proper, professional skin care regimen. The Departure Travel Kit from Aesop includes seven travel-sized essentials to cleanse and moisturize your hands, hydrate your skin, and keep your mouth feeling fresh, so you’re ready to go on arrival.

Fitbit Sense Smartwatch

Fitbit Sense Advanced Health Smartwatch.

Long-haul air travel and spending hours in airports can wreak havoc on your body. Dehydration, jet lag, and eating fast food all day can make you feel pretty lousy, especially after a day of travel with multiple layovers. Keeping tabs on your health is easy with the right smartwatch. The Fitbit Sense monitors your sleep, heart health, skin temperature, Sp02 (oxygen saturation) levels, and more while providing high-tech tools for stress management, too. With nearly a week of battery life, it’s ready to go the distance for even hardcore road warriors.

Swiftwick Aspire Twelve Compression Socks

Swiftkick Aspire Twelve compression socks on a white backdrop.

Most people think compression socks are for elite athletes or old folks. But if you travel far enough while sitting for extended periods of time, DVT blood clots can be a very real threat. Swiftwick’s Aspire Twelve compression socks provide just the right amount of support throughout the entire calf. The compression is strong enough to encourage blood flow and minimize swelling without feeling too restrictive. Plus, the thin, lightweight design is comfortable for all-day wear.

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Bravo Sierra Antibacterial Body Wipes

Bravo Sierra Antibacterial Body Wipes.

Wet wipes were important for air travelers before the pandemic. Now, they’re mission-critical. Bravo Sierra’s Antibacterial Body Wipes are soft, extra thick, and designed to be used on even your most sensitive body parts. With natural germ-fighting ingredients like citric acid and leaf juice, they can even replace your ordinary hand sanitizer. The fact that they’re tested and approved by our active military personnel is enough testimony for us.

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