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The Best Beard Combs for Men for 2021

When you look in the mirror at your newly grown or growing beard, do you like what you see? Or could it use just a bit of sprucing up? While we don’t doubt your beard-growing prowess, every beard needs a little “TLC,” as it were, and the best beard grooming tools can offer precisely the boost your facial hair deserves.

Don’t overlook the beard comb as you search for the best ways to groom your beard. They’re usually made from sandalwood or acetate, and are larger and more durable than a comb for your hairdo. That makes them all the better to shape and detangle your beard, and exfoliate your skin so it can better absorb your favorite beard oil or beard balmEspecially as we move into fall  — prime time for the bearded among us  — the proper tools of the trade are more crucial than ever. Make sure you’re armed with one of the best beard combs, friends. 

<b>Baxter of California Beard Comb </b><b>—</b> <b>$18</b>

You take care of your beard enough to begin with, from the right beard oil to the best beard balm, so keep that approach going in a similar fashion with this Swiss-made beard comb to tame your mane. Plus, it looks pretty cool alongside other finely packaged Baxter of California grooming picks, and you can’t put a price on that. 

<b>Viking Revolution Wooden Beard Comb </b><b> </b><b>— </b><b>$8</b>

Viking Revolution Wooden Beard Comb

A wooden beard comb such as this one from the aptly named Viking Revolution helps apply oils and balms while also working quite well for longer, thicker beards. If you want to help exfoliate your skin and shape your beard in the process, it’s a great way to go for under $10 (can you believe that!?). 

Roosevelt Supply Co. Large Beard Comb  $10

Roosevelt Supply Co. Large Beard Comb

For versatility in selecting your beard comb, look for a design that’s both more fine and wider to deal with thinner and thicker beards in equal measure. To be more specific, this Roosevelts Beard Co. beard comb, as sold by Gent.One, is just what you need if you consider yourself … yes, a well-groomed gentleman (we had to go there). This comb is shaped and polished with pumice stone for an expert finish that’ll feel great on your skin. 

<b>Rocky Mountain Barber Sandalwood Beard Comb </b><b> </b><b>— </b><b>$1</b><b>5</b>

Rocky Mountain Barber Company Store

A sturdy sandalwood design and multiple teeth widths gives you plenty of options for keeping your beard in fine form, whether you’ve been bearded for years or have newly launched upon a beard-growing endeavor this year. Use this wooden beard comb to both style and detangle your beard, day after day. 

<b>Striking Viking Wooden Beard Comb </b><b>—</b> <b>$10 </b>

Striking Viking Wooden Beard Comb

Fit this durable sandalwood comb (in a fine leather case, to boot) right in the pocket of your chore coat or waxed trucker jacket this fall to keep your beard looking fly on the go or on that fall road trip. After all, what’s more ready for fall than a well-groomed beard, some crisp fall air, and the great outdoors? 

<b>Kent Handmade Fine Tooth Beard Comb </b><b>—</b> <b>$10</b>

Kent Handmade Fine Tooth Beard Comb

The best beards sometimes require more intricate care than a wooden beard comb can provide, so if it’s a shorter beard you’ve got (or that you’re planning on growing!), a fine tooth beard comb is the proper way to go. 

The Beard Struggle Model Viking Comb $25

The Beard Struggle Model Viking Comb

The Beard Struggle’s Model Viking Comb really is next-level and made for guys who aspire to a mane of Viking-esque proportions. All joking aside, this folding beard comb features African wedge wood construction for sturdy durability alongside the thickest of beards. 

<b>Grow Alpha Beard Comb and Grooming Kit  </b><b>—</b><b> $10</b>

Grow Alpha Beard Comb and Grooming Kit

While we’re technically talking about beard combs all on their own, why not pick up a handy grooming kit that gives you a bit more bang for your buck, eh? The combination beard and mustache comb even fits in your pocket, making it easy to transport and groom on the road. 

Detroit Grooming Co. Combs Beard Comb $25

Detroit Grooming Co. Combs Beard Comb

Detroit Grooming Co. really covers all the bases when it comes to keeping your beard in the best shape possible, from beard oil and beard butter to this seriously premium sandalwood and ox horn beard comb. The green sandalwood scent and laser-engraved handle are but two additional design touches we love. It’s one of the best beard combs you can give yourself (and your beard) this season. 

Fendrihan Sandalwood Beard Comb   $12

An infusion of natural oils sets this refined beard comb apart from a crowded field, and assuredly makes it one of the best beard combs on the market. Those natural oils are going to help soften and shape your beard, and that’s certainly not too much to ask from one of the best beard combs out there. 

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