The Best Beard Combs to Wrestle Your Whiskers into Shape

If you comb your hair, why not your beard?

Even the highest-quality beard products can’t groom your whiskers the way a beard comb can. Oils and balms are best distributed with a comb, anyway. And what about when you want to properly shape your beard on your cheek and neckline?

A beard comb can turn a tangled mess into a shiny, healthy, and well-maintained set of facial hair that you’re proud of.

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Things to Consider When Buying A Beard Comb

Beard combs come in all shapes, sizes, and materials; however, it’s important to know what materials are best for your skin, what size is best for your beard style, and ultimately what feels best in your hand.

  • Materials: The material of the beard comb you buy is important for promoting healthy hair follicles. Plastic and nylon beard combs, although easier to clean and maintain, are not the best option. Someone who has curly hair or a thick beard might run into some unnecessary, annoying, and sometimes painful roadblocks in the form of a nasty snag. You’re better off with a natural material such as wood, buffalo horn, ox horn, or even a smoothly cut and well-polished metal comb to clean up and help those whiskers shine.
  • Size: No matter what they say – size matters. And what we mean here is that the size of the teeth on your comb. Wider gaps between comb teeth are best used on long beards instead of shorter facial hair simply because the wide gaps won’t work on a shorter beard. We recommend searching for a beard comb that comes with both a wide set of teeth and a narrow set of teeth in order for your comb to have a longer lifespan, as it allows you to take care of your beard as it grows into the beast you desire, as well being helpful when tidying up your mustache.
  • Applying product: Believe it or not, some materials work better with others. Wood and horn materials are great when trying to distribute oils and balms evenly while working them deep into your skin and facial hair. On the other hand, metal and plastic combs aren’t as effective in this realm.

We’ve put together a diverse selection of the best beard combs for you to find the one that best suits you and your beard.

The Best Beard Combs to Buy Right Now

Kent Handmade Beard Comb Set – $24
best beard combs kent handmade

Kent’s craftsmanship has been around for centuries, so it comes as no surprise that its handmade beard combs are considered to be the best in the business. This three-piece set gives you an option for your everyday maintenance and grooming at home, a coarse-toothed pocket comb for tidying up on the go, and an extra small mustache and beard comb for finishing off the ends.

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Meta-C Portable Buffalo Beard Comb – $12
best beard combs meta c portable comb wood handle

The Meta-C portable comb is crafted out of a beautiful sandalwood handle and non-static buffalo horn teeth that will glide through your beard and distribute product with ease. Better yet, this comb is compactly designed to fit snug in your pocket. It even comes with a carrying pouch for guys who like to have a place for everything. 

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HuskyBeard Knuckle Beard Comb – $15
best beard combs huskybeard comb knuckle

Think of this strong ox horn comb as a pair of brass knuckles to knock away those annoying beard tangles. HuskyBeard’s knuckle comb sports a stunning aesthetic that looks as good as it is effective. Its teeth are delicately bevelled and cut for smooth combing, it has rounded finger holes for a secure grip, and the ox horn construction offers a snag free, anti-static experience.

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Go-Comb Stainless Steel Mesh Beard Comb – $14
stocking stuffers for men go comb stainless steel 2018

Go-Comb’s longest-running style is back with an etched mesh, stainless steel design to reduce weight and add extra grip for easy combing. This fine-toothed piece is crafted with precision, and although it doesn’t have a bottle opener, Go-Comb’s are built with durability and are always small enough to slide inside of your wallet so you can freshen up your whiskers before a meeting or unplanned dinner date.

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The Roosevelts Beard Co. Pocket Beard Comb – $8
best beard combs the roosevelts pocket comb

This beard comb from The Roosevelts Beard Co. has a traditional beard comb configuration with both fine- and coarse-toothed ends so you can polish every inch of your beard (or head hair). The comb is handmade with cellulose acetate, which is both environmentally and face-friendly, so you can still get the smooth feeling of a high-quality comb without a ridiculous price tag.

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Striking Viking Folding Wood Comb – $15
best beard combs striking viking comb

Folks love Striking Viking’s folding sandalwood comb for many different reasons, but three come to mind when we’re thinking lifestyle fits: portability, hygiene-augmented design, and its outdoorsman style. If you’re a sucker for everyday carry gadgets and need a beard comb, then this medium-toothed, foldable comb is right up your alley.

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Rocky Mountain Barber Co. Hatchet Style Sandalwood Beard Comb – $19
best beard combs triple threat comb

The second of our built-to-last sandalwood combs comes from Rocky Mountain Barber Co. This multi-use comb is one of our favorites on the list, and not just because it looks like a hatchet. Featuring fine- and coarse-teeth, a convenient hard shell carrying case, and a precise edging tool for bold shaping, the hatchet-style comb holds up to the task of taking care of short or long facial hair, mustaches, sideburns, you name it. This puppy is one of the most versatile grooming companions on the market.

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Badass Beard Care Ox Horn Beard Comb – $25
best beard combs badass care ox bone comb

We’re really starting to dig these Badass Beard Care products, so it makes complete sense for them to be in the collection of best beard combs. Hand carved from a solid piece of horn, then uniquely shaped, sanded, polished, and personalized with laser engraving, this comb lives up to its badass standard. What’s really great about the ox horn material is that this comb will not conduct static electricity like that of a nylon or plastic comb.

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Baxter of California Comb – $16
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Maybe you’re a simple man and don’t need to take your comb on the go or any added amenities. Well, Baxter of California’s beard comb is high-quality, traditional looking, and works great for both your head and beard hair. Each comb is sent through Baxter’s hand-made, 12-step production process that results in a lightweight, durable, and truly smooth-toothed comb.

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The Art of Shaving Sandalwood Beard Comb – $30
best beard combs art of shaving comb

Made from Argentinian green sandalwood, The Art of Shaving offers an elegant duel-toothed option for those who want to be able to use the same comb throughout their beard growth cycle. If that’s not enough, our friends at AoS throw in a complimentary leatherette storage pouch.

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Big Red Beard Comb No. 9 Cherry Beard Comb – $19 CAD
best beard combs big red number nine cherry

Amongst all the fancy, face-friendly textures out there, Big Red Beard Comb’s beard comb competes with the best. The craftsmanship on this beauty doesn’t go unnoticed. The two-wood blend and five-layer laminated technology make for a great looking, static-resistant, durable comb, that has wide teeth best suited for longer, more luxuriously extravagant facial hair.

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Article originally published May 4, 2017.

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