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The 9 Best Beard Conditioners for Men in 2022

A man in white t-shirt touching his beard.

Want to get your beard back in style this fall? You’d be shocked at how much of a difference the best beard products can make, especially when paired with the best beard brushes. When talking about the best beard conditioners, we’re looking at two distinct subcategories: A leave-in beard conditioner often made with finely crafted oils to massage into your beard and a conditioning wash that acts as a hair conditioner for your beard instead of your face. Both will leave your skin and your beard luscious, fresh, and clean.

However, it’s completely up to you to find a beard conditioner that suits your lifestyle. So to help you out, here are some of the best beard conditioners in the market so you can get your whiskers back in shape and protect them from cold-weather dryness.

Best Leave-In Beard Conditioners 

Scotch Porter Hydrate and Nourish Beard Conditioner

A tube of Scotch Porter Hydrate and Nourish Beard Conditioner.

Sandalwood and cinnamon set this refined beard conditioner apart from the rest — simply work some of the good stuff from Scotch Porter into your beard after it has been washed, let it work its magic for up to five minutes as it hydrates your beard, then rinse it out — easy as that.

Cremo Beard and Scruff Softener

A bottle of Cremo Beard and Scruff Softener.

For just $10, Cremo promises that your beard and scruff will be noticeably softer to the touch in just 30 seconds when using the brand’s Beard and Scruff Softener — sounds like a pretty good deal, doesn’t it? Ingredients like coconut oil and tea tree oil work hard here.

Honest Amish Leave-In Beard Conditioning Balm

An opened Honest Amish Beard beside its lid.

Get a product made the old-fashioned way and with plenty of care and attention to detail, all available for a nice price at Amazon.

Old Spice Leave-In Beard Conditioner

A tube of Old Spice Leave-In Beard Conditioner.

Old Spice, a mainstay in medicine cabinets everywhere for decades, continues to stick around with this beard conditioner that you can leave in or wash out — the choice is yours, but we’d wager your beard’s going to look great either way. 

Mr. Blackman’s Beard and Aftershave Balm

A Mr. Blackman's Beard and Aftershave Balm displayed upright.
Wolf & Badger

From an intriguing and refreshing scent to the fact that this balm both conditions your beard and soothes your skin post-shave, we’d say it’s one of the most essential beard conditioners you can add to your grooming routine.

Best Beard Conditioning Washes 

King C. Gillette Beard and Face Wash

A bottle of King C. Gillette Beard and Face Wash.

Named for the original founder of the famed Gillette brand, the recently launched King C. Gillette line takes things a step further to craft a line of grooming products specifically for taking care of your facial hair. Case in point: This beard and face wash, which offers a rich lather and deep clean, plus a pleasing scent, to soften and nourish your beard. 

Viking Revolution Beard Conditioner

A 17-oz. bottle of Viking Revolution Beard Conditioner.

For a great deal, pick up a beard conditioner that acts as a shampoo to clean, soften, and hydrate your beard while also leaving behind traces of beard oil to keep working after you’ve washed it out. 

Duke Cannon Best Damn Beard Wash

A tube of Duke Cannon Best Damn Beard Wash.

You can assuredly count on Duke Cannon not to cut any corners when it comes to the grooming gear that guys need. The Best Damn Beard Wash is every bit as good as advertised, made with hops extract to moisturize your skin and featuring a pleasing citrus and hefeweizen scent. Barley and wheat proteins strengthen your beard, too. It’s one of the best beard conditioners your money can buy. 

Every Man Jack Beard and Hair Conditioner

A bottle of Every Man Jack Beard and Hair Conditioner.

The benefits of using Every Man Jack’s Beard and Hair Conditioner are simply never-ending, from the fact that this easy-to-use beard conditioner uses cocoa butter to soften your beard, right on through to its U.S.-made production. Pick up some ASAP — your beard will thank you.

Can I Use Hair Conditioner On My Beard?

The best beard styles for men and the most expertly executed beards on the planet are nothing without the proper grooming kits. That’s where the best conditioner for beards comes into play. While using a hair conditioner on your beard might seem like an appropriate thing to do, we think you should use a targeted, specially formulated beard conditioner for your facial hair.

Hair conditioner is made with different properties and ingredients to target a different type of hair rather than shorter, more coarse facial hair. Beard conditioner is formulated to soften and soothe facial hair and the skin on your face, so it’s crucial that you find the right beard conditioner.

How Do I Get My Beard Soft?

Among critical grooming questions like how to shape a beard is the age-old question, “How do I get my beard soft?” This one rings more true as we move through the harsh climate of winter into spring and summer (and beyond). The right beard care routine should absolutely involve the best conditioner for beards, but that’s just one step. A beard conditioner that you wash out — or, conversely, a leave-in beard conditioner — are just two ways to start your journey toward a perfectly soft, well-groomed beard.

You can also get your beard soft through beard oil (designed to be left in as it works its way through your beard hair and the skin on your face), but a beard conditioner is a terrific first step. Your beard can be made soft, nourished, and moisturized with a beard softener that targets all your problem areas at once, from dry skin to coarse hair.

And if you want to know how to tame your mane and straighten a beard, consider it like a new grooming essential as you start your facial hair upgrades.

Do I Need Beard Conditioner?

Long story short, we think that if you have a beard of any length, or even if you’ve got longer stubble, you definitely need the best beard conditioner to keep your beard and your skin fresh, hydrated, clean, and nourished. The best conditioner for beards can work wonders, even if you think your beard is as soft as can be (we can nearly guarantee it could be softer or more well-cared-for).

The best conditioner for beards digs deep, removing dead skin, adding moisture, and softening your hair follicles. If that sounds like something you need in your life and in your grooming routine, go right ahead and add a crucial beard softener to your shopping list. Better yet, click on one of our picks above for the best conditioners for beards.

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