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Beginner Beard Grooming

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If you’re thinking about growing a beard and don’t have a whole lot of basic beard knowledge, this quick primer will get you started. From the beginning stubble stage to full-grown whiskery, it’s important to keep your beard and the skin underneath nourished and clean. Oils and dirt can stay trapped in your beard, clog pores and lead to painful ingrown hairs and acne. Harsh soaps can also do damage by stripping the moisture from your facial hair causing uncomfortable dryness and flakes. A great smelling, soft, shiny beard starts by using the right products. We spoke with the Co-Founder of Bluebeards Original, Paul Kaniewski, who offered these tips on how to make it through the itchiness on the way to full blown beardom.

 Do you have any suggestions for trying to grow a beard? Is it true that shaving helps your beard come in quicker or thicker?

There is no way to really grow a beard faster and any product that does so is doing you a disservice. Thick or thin facial hair is part of your genetic make-up. Using a good conditioner can make your beard appear thicker and fuller.


Why are beards so damn itchy while growing in?

Facial hair is coarse, and the end of the follicle (from years of shaving) is sharp and often barbed at the end. As the hairs emerge, the sharp edges irritate the skin. In addition, dead skin cells that usually fall away from the face are now clinging to the facial hair shafts, further irritating the skin. Whatever you do, don’t scratch. It won’t help, and can cause redness and “beardruff,” or dry skin flakes in your beard. This is not a good look. Remember that the itching does go away in about a month. Products like our Beard Saver, $24. minimize the irritation and help with the itch.

Tell us about the Bluebeards Original? Which products should a bearded guy always have on hand? And how many times a week should guys be using them?

Bluebeards Original was started when I first grew out my beard and it itched like crazy. There was literally nothing out there to help with this so my wife worked on a bunch of different formulas with essential oils till we developed our Beard Saver, $24., which has been helping grow beards for over a decade. If you are growing a beard you need to have Beard Saver, $24, and use it daily along with our Beard Wash, $14. every day to take care of all those dead skin cells we talked about. If you have a big old beard you will want to add our Wonder Beard, $20. weekly conditioner that help repair split ends.


Can you use Beard Wash for the hair on your head? How is it different than a shampoo?

You can use Beard Wash on your head but you better not go the other way around and try putting your regular hair shampoo on your face. Shampoos are made for the scalp; the skin on your face is more sensitive and will often itch and feel tight when washed with shampoo. Our Beard Wash, $14., is gentle on the skin, but also has ingredients that can handle the coarse hairs that you have on your face. These are thicker than the hair on your head and require extra conditioning.


What are your thoughts about trimming your beard? Do you have a favorite trimmer?  

Beards are fun and you should have no fear of styling and trimming a beard if you want to because it always grows back. Guys don’t have as many ways to change the way their facial looks as women do, so a beard is a great way for a guy to get creative and express his own style. As for trimmer, use plain ol’ scissors if you want the most control, because with the electric trimmers one false move can lop off more than you bargained for.

The summer is coming, are there any benefits to keeping a full beard? Can guys skip the sunscreen if they keep it?

 When summer comes a lot of guys want to commit Beardicide, that’s why we started a Beardicide Prevention campaign. Beards provide a great natural barrier to harmful UV rays. Not only that, if you’re an active guy your facial hair is protecting your face from wind and other damage. A bearded face stays far more moisturized than a clean-shaven one. Remember unless you’re Teen Wolf it’s smart to apply sunscreen to the exposed parts of your face.

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