Fitness and Grooming Tips from RUMBLE Boxing Co-founder and Trainer, Noah Neiman

Noah Neiman
Ding, ding, ding! Dad bod got you down for the count? Don’t throw in the towel just yet. When it comes to looking and feeling your best you can counter punch the aging process by taking good care of yourself both inside and out. Eat clean, exercise, and perfect your grooming routine and you’ll stick and move like a prize fighter. We stepped into the ring with celebrity trainer and co-founder of RUMBLE Boxing, Noah Neiman for tips on how to go the distance.

You’re dedicated and passionate about fitness. How do you stay motivated?

Motivation is a learned skill; gained and perfected just like any other. The same techniques used to learn how to ride a bike, or box, are the same techniques that can teach you the tenants of motivation.

It’s always just consistency and constant effort, especially in the face of adversity or fatigue, which teaches you the work ethic necessary to be successful in any pursuit…and obsession. It takes a little obsession to truly shine in anything you do.

What makes Rumble classes better than all the rest?

I don’t ever compare what we do at Rumble with anyone else. What we do is inherently unique because it’s US doing it. If you are genuine in your approach, then no one can imitate or mimic what you do. Russell Simmons taught me that; his book Do You! talks about finding your own identity and executing that identity. The culture, the workout, the space, the music, the vibes are all a culmination of unique people getting together. So what we do is inherently unique. We do US.

Fighters are always in sick shape. What about boxing cuts up a body like no other sport?

The rigors of fighting and training to be in fighting shape is unlike anything else. The various forms of conditioning, the strength, the muscular coordination, the mental  sharpness, all need to be at high levels to be a fighter. We brought many of the elements of training required to become that fighter to Rumble and made it insanely fun in the process.

Noah Neiman

How does a heavyweight train differently than a featherweight? Should guys train differently if they’re looking to get bigger than if they’re trying to lose weight?

There are actually a lot more similarities in training to get bigger and training to lose weight than one would think. Losing weight is really about diet. Training wise, strength training and aerobic conditioning coupled together are excellent in helping us develop that coveted lean fighter’s body. The only difference would be the amount of calories consumed.

Boxing is pretty hardcore. About how many calories do you burn during a Rumble workout?

There’s really no credible way to answer that, and working out specifically with a calorie goal in mind really misses the whole point of exercise. Everyone’s body is different and burns calories differently. So, short of hooking everyone up to a heart rate monitor, knowing everyone’s resting metabolic rate, effort levels, etc… it’s just a number gyms sell to impress people. That number is rarely accurate. The person on average, based on moderate to high effort level, could burn anywhere from 500 to upwards of 1000 calories though.

Let’s talk about fuel. What’s your go-to meal and your favorite snack?

My friend Shom owns this spot Indie Fresh, and I ALWAYS get his gluten free pancakes, egg, and turkey sausage plate. I also always get this coffee based smoothie he named after his girlfriend the WAKE UP ASHLEY and add a few extra scoops of protein (I know, how do us guys top that.. he named a shake after her… come on Shom!!! You’re killing me).

African Black Soap Facial Moisturizer

Tell us about your grooming routine. What’s in your gym bag?

Got to stay fresh to death. Have to. I work so hard that if I’m not feeling myself, I wouldn’t be able to operate at this high level. I always keep a jump rope, Winning boxing gloves, spare hand wraps, GIVENCHY GENTLEMEN ONLY cologne, and a collection of every product NUBIAN HERITAGE has to offer. I always use their Coconut & Papaya 24-Hour Deodorant before and after class, African Black Soap Clarifying Pads after class to keep my skin fresh, and African Black Soap Facial Moisturizer… I’m also obsessed with their Mango Butter Body Lotion and Honey & Black Seed Body Wash.

My man Neon Deion Sanders said it best. “You look good, you feel good. You feel good, you play good. You play good, they pay good!” True indeed.


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