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Why The DudeRobe Is Much Better Than The RompHim

the duderobe
When it comes to style, props to you if you’re sporting the RompHim. We have no beef with a guy willing to go where no man has gone before, just for the sake of insouciant fashion. But if you’re an average bro out there enjoying your comfort zone, you’ll want to rock the DudeRobe. This latest athleisure-esque invention is made from comfy sweatshirt fabric on the outside and super absorbent terry cloth on the inside. So, hit the showers and try throwing on the manliest of robes to soak up that excess water and post workout shvitz. All your boys will want one and here’s why.

It works on a Dad bod.

DudeRobe is all about comfort. According to DudeRobe’s inventor, Howie Busch, “Guys of all shapes and sizes will enjoy lounging in style. We are even working on the XXL and XXXL sizes to accommodate every sized dude”. Let’s face it, the RompHim doesn’t allow much room for the muffin tops and spare tires that come with being a well fed, aged to perfection, full-grown dude. In fact, it will make some burly fellows look like 10 pounds of sausage in a 5-pound bag.

It’s perfect man cave attire.

When it comes to relaxing at home, comfort is king and DudeRobe allows for maximum indoor chilling. Busch goes on to say, “It won’t ride up, it’s not tight, and it won’t give you a wedgie. The robe is made from sweatshirt fabric like your favorite hoodie or you can try our matching shorts or sweatpants. You can even wear it outdoors to walk the dog or get your morning coffee.”

 It’s brofessional.

You will never see a band of bros strutting around in rompers. Who doesn’t like a hoodie and some comfy sweats? Your entire wolfpack will want to wear the DudeRobe.

 You’re free to manspread.

It’s pretty perfect for gym locker rooms and all other public nakedness situations. And according to Busch “DudeRobe terry shorts are better than a robe in the dorm or fraternity. Or when your buddies are over playing video games or watching the big game. Why? Because DudeRobe is guaranteed to prevent the ever embarrassing unintentional dickslip, and what guy in his right mind wouldn’t want to prevent that?”

It might be her mantasy.

You wouldn’t catch Hef in a RompHim, way too many buttons. Some robes make the guy: Look at Sylvester Stalone in Rocky, Brad Pitt in Fight Club and Jeff Bridges in The Big Lebowski. Howie Busch adds, “Listen, girls can be dudes too. Being a dude is a state of mind. Plenty of girls have reached out asking for a DudeRobe. No worries Dudettes! We have a robe in the works.”